7-21-17 New in the ~Lantian/Flox~ Main Store

New in the ~Lantian/Flox~ Main Store

These recently appeared in the Twisted Fairy Tales Summer Fair.  They're home in our Main Store now, though, so here's a description of them for you.

* Prince Charming Necklace
* Fairy Godmother Lanterns

You can find them here:

~Lantian/Flox~ New & Sale area:

Prince Charming Necklace
Make your fairy tales come true!  This charming necklace comes with a colorful frog and kissy pursed lips on its back.  Click it for green hearts and a *muah!* kiss sound effect..  Necklace is constructed of mesh and sculpt.  Custom textures on the necklace cord, metallic textures throughout.  Comes in copper, gold, gunmetal and green.


Fairy Godmother Lantern

These lights show delicate veins in the fluted glass and beautiful faceted drops.  100% mesh.  2LI at the size packaged: 0.48 x 0.48 x 0.48.  Vivid colors and graceful lines!  Available in six variations.

 That's all of the …

7-14-17 - New in the Main Store

New in the ~Lantian/Flox~ Main Store

These products have been making the rounds at various events and are now available for the first time at our Main Store! 

In this entry:
* Fur Trimmed Cloak
* Lifecrystals

Wear your Lantian Flox group tag for a discount :)  Come find them here:

~Lantian/Flox~ New & Sale area:
Fur Trimmed Cloak

This lovely, floor-length cloak comes with an alpha to hide your system arms (optional).  Fits most avatars, comes in three sizes and both genders.  Comes in red, green, blue, black, purple, brown.

Next we have...


These beautiful crystals come in several varieties corresponding to primary colors: Earth (green), Water (blue), Fire (red), Air (yellow), Spirit (purple), Five Elements (combination), Shadow (gray).   They are 100% original mesh with custom textures and materials.

That's all for this week.  Stop by our New & Sale Area to find these and other recent introduct…

7/7/17 : Newly placed in the Main Store

Newly placed in the Main Store

These items have been out at various events and have just now made their debut at the Main Store, since those events are over.

~Lantian/Flox~ Main Store:

Alt Realms Dress

This lovely piece comes in five standard sizes and fits many standard and mesh avatars. Bright colors dance on a dark background.  Perfect for modern, fantasy, or scifi looks!  Coordinates with the Starfall jewelry listed below.

Starfall Earrings

This jewelry features faceted star-shaped drops and links.  100% original mesh with custom textures and materials.  Perfect for modern, fantasy or scifi looks.  Coordinates with the Alt Realms dresses. 

Starfall Necklace

This jewelry features faceted star-shaped drops and links.  100% original mesh with custom textures and material.  Two in the box, small and large, positioned for female and male, respectively.  Ideal for modern, fantasy or scifi looks.  Coordinates with the …
Weekend Sales 

Good news... ~Lantian/Flox~ is the Super Sales Weekend merchant of the week! 

This week our weekend sales are all about our popular Cafe tables and chairs!  The entire set is at least 15% off, with chairs 50% off and one table an additional 25% off for the Birds of a Feather Weekend Sale.  Please go to the weekend sales area to see the full range:

Weekend Sales Area:

Now at the Main Store and on Marketplace....

These precious products have been making the rounds at various events, but those events are now over, so they've come to rest at home.  Get a discount - wear your Lantian Flox group tag!

They're all in the New & Sale area:

Celtic Dream Glitter Chairs
3 li, 100% mesh, baked textures plus materials for that extra realism. 8 poses for male & female.  The celtic knots and pillow gleam with metallic shine in any light.  …

Events: Twisted Summer Faire, Medieval Faire, and ~L/Fx~ Adult Area

Dear ~L/Fx~ Friends,

Twisted Summer Faire 

We're pleased to announce we're in the Twisted Summer Faire (theme: Twisted Fairy Tales).  We're offering frogs and Fairy Godmother lamps for your delight!  Even better: the light purple one is 100% for RFL :)

Yes, it clicks on/off with glow on just the shade and the delicate faceted drops. 100% mesh with custom baked textures. You can see the veins in these textures, like delicious morning-glory blossoms. 

You can't teleport directly there so when you arrive, turn to the right, we're the third store from the corner, next to some stairs, behind a giant rabbit and red gummi bears.  Come get them here:

Twisted Summer:

Medieval Faire
And don't forget about the Medieval Faire!  It is still  happening, proceeds still going toward RFL.  We know you want to shop and beat cancer at the same time, right?  So attending either of these events can achieve that cau…

~L/Fx~Events: Home & Garden Expo, UAC Medieval Faire

Hello ~Lantian/Flox~ Friends!  We are pleased to participate in the Home & Garden Expo and the UAC Medieval Faire, both of which begin this Friday!

Home & Garden Expo

H&G Expo runs May 19-June 4. Our featured, exclusive gifts are: lovely potted plants and a celtic knot chair.  We also are offering our moonchair and triple-star lights (recently seen at the Fantasy Faire, not yet available anywhere else), and old favorites like our fountains, gargoyles, and more.  --> *SALE* Every item in every vendor is 15% OFF!  For the entire expo! <--
Planter Plants

These beautiful plants are 100% mesh with custom baked textures and materials.  The planter is light marble with a metal ring.  Unscripted, 1-2 LI each, Mod/Copy/no-trans.  Reg. price 99L, ON SALE 15% off !  (Note: the purple daisy is donated to RFL so make sure to buy it from the RFL vendor!)

Celtic Dream Glitter Armchair
This top-quality chair comes with 8 animation…