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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events in ~Lantian~ Village...

[updated 7 December 2009]


Lantian Village & Tower are located in Schazm sim, on the adult continent).

The medieval area & marketplace are at 500m. The sci-fi area and tower are at sea-level. Also at sea-level: 7seas fishing with custom prizes, swimming, surfing, and the brand new Seasonal Shop. There are also booths and stores for rent in the marketplace at reasonable rates.

Landmarks for ~Lantian~:

Medieval Area: 􀀈

Scifi Area: 􀀉


* Ongoing - DCS2 Roleplay System Completion

Our DCS2 roleplay system is installed and running. Spells and skills are still being added. Please IM the admins if you have suggestions. :)


*8 December 2009 - NEW Lucky Chair & Prizes

We have a new Lucky Chair in the Freebies section and it is loaded with 100% ~Lantian~ products. Inside you will find special limited-editions, one-offs, and hunt prizes from the past. Good luck!


*7 Dec…