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~Lantian/Flox~ Advent, Fairs & Holiday Sale! 30% Off Chosen Gifts

The Advent Calendar

Have you been to ~Lantian/Flox~ lately?  At the Main Store in Mieville Kipling, we are running our annual Advent Calendar.

~L/Fx~ Advent Quick Facts:
* New, FREE gift every day through December 25* Gifts change at midnight SLT* Past days' gifts available for sale at cheap prices* Really cheap prices--around 35-50L, which is 90% off fair retail value* Plus, with group tag, you get 20-30% additional discount from price* (I can't do that math but it's a really great deal)

Booths & Fairs

We are participating in a number of winter fairs right now.  Here are some slurls, in case you'd like to drop by:
* Mystic Yule, the Winter Fair at Mieville (runs until Jan 1):* Twisted Krissmuss (special gifts for 100L, runs until Jan 6):* Christmas Market at 3D Repub…

BlackCyberTurkey Sale!

* Events: BlackCyberTurkey Sale (Nov.24-28)
* Events: Advent Calendar (Dec.1-25)
* Group Join Fee in December
* New Product: Inkwell

Events: BlackCyberTurkey Sale

Who needs Back Friday?  We smash the whole holiday into one event we call BlackCyberTurkey. All gift cards are HALF OFF this Thursday through Monday (November 24-28, 2016).  Note: this event is for group members only... except for a special deal at the SuperSalesWeekend kiosk, where anyone can pick up our 100L and 50L gift cards for 50% off (Friday-Sunday).

YES, the gift cards are transferrable.  YES, they are good through Christmas (or however long you keep them).  YES, they work at all our vendors.

Come and get them half off!

Events: Advent Calendar

Our annual Advent Calendar begins on December 1.  Make plans to come each day for a new, free gift!  Presents will range from jewelry to decor to clothing and... well, we always throw in a few strange and unusual things.  Just because!

And yes, items will always be as unis…

Halloween Sale

Halloween Sale at Haunted Nawlins
Everything in the booth 50% Off 

Please don't forget our Party Lights, Spiders, and AwfulLollies released just a couple days ago.  They are still on sale at our Main Store.

~L/Fx~New: Party Lights, Spiders, AwfulLollies

Hello, ~Lantian/Flox~ Friends!

There are a few new products we wanted to tell you about.  Enjoy these, and remember--everything is 15% off at the "New & Sale" building, if you wear your "Lantian/Flox" group tag.  Here is what's in store:
- New Product: Party Lights
- New Product: Spiders!
- New Product: AwfulLollies (gourmet candy)

New Product: Party Lights!

These fabulous new inventions rotate 360-degrees, shift through unlimited colors, glow, produce light, and--best of all--project images on every surface!  Ideal for home parties or clubs.  Want a demo?  Ask Wyvern Dryke or come to the Main Store.  All lights are all Mod/Copy/no-trans.


This light features the soft, traditional round edges of a spotlight.  Bring some pizzazz to your party!

Regular price: 399L
On Sale 15% off at "New & Sale" (group only)


A narrow diamond-shaped flare dances acros…

~L/Fx~News: Haunted Nawlins, Skulls, Horns, Hauntdrangeas, Merchant Tents

Haunted Nawlins!

Hello, ~Lantian/Flox~ friends! Wow, have we been busy these past few weeks.  What have we been doing?  Haunted Nawlins!  (Click here to have a look.)

"Haunted Nawlins" is the 2016 Halloween build for Mieville.  It is full of creepy, New Orleans-themed spooks and fun, magical games.  Trick or Treat your way through the town and down into the bayou!  There are nearly 100 vendors and of course, plenty of entertainments built by yours truly.

The ~Lantian/Flox~ store is the first building on the left, after you exit the Arrival Center.

New Product: Horned Skull Decor

These horned skulls contain bewitching madness: color and images swirl in their eyes!  The exceptional mesh creations combine our original horns with baked textures and animated textures for unique entertainment.  Skulls click on/off.  3LI at packaged size.  Very low-lag; single script gives glow, light, animation.  Mod/Copy/no-trans.

~L/Fx~Ice Cream Party! 50% Sale!

Hello ~Lantian/Flox~ Friends! 

* Ice Cream Party! Treats 50% Off
* New Products:
- blinking electric sign
- new flavors of ice cream cones
- ice cream cookie sammiches :D

~L/Fx~Main Store:
Route 66 Booth:

Ice Cream Party - 50% Off!

It is hot hot HOT where we are, so we decided to have an ice cream party!  Every treat is marked down 50%, but here's the catch: the sale is ONLY at our booth at the Route 66 Festival.
^ That is a forced arrival point. Please walk down to the rounded purple shop on the right called "Flox Snax."  You will find all ice cream treats HALF OFF :)  Even the new ones.  Yay!

New Product - Blinking Ice Cream Sign
Someone introduced a mesh Ice Cream sign this past week in SL.  We decided to make it blink all sorts of colors.  Click for a menu to tu…

~L/Fx~35L & 99L & Clothing Week Sale! Hibiscus Kiss, Neckerchiefs, and Old but New Clothes

It's Clothing Week at ~Lantian/Flox~!

It's true, our store does not have a long history with clothes. Typically we make some for special events only to shove them in boxes after.  But really, why must that be the case?  A bunch of events have ended, presenting a great opportunity to show off clothes in looming danger of obscurity.  Hey, even better--let's put them all ON SALE! :D

First and Foremost, the newcomers!

Hibiscus Kiss Dress

This simple, rigged mesh dress comes in five standard sizes.  Beautiful textured velvet, bright colors, and three layers of ruffles give it life and movement.  This is perfect for a party.  It will be featured at the soon-coming Route 66 Event in Mieville.  (And yes, is available "sneak peak" style at our Main Store now!)

Two of these are 99L this weekend, at the SSW Kiosk in our Main Store.  All coordinate with the Hibiscus Kiss neckerchief, below.


These are custom-mesh works hand-made by Wyvern Dryke.  Textures are lovin…