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~L/Fx~News: Cafe Tables, VALUE Furniture Markdown, and Price Tags!

Hey ~Lantian/Flox~ Friends!  Here's some news for the weekend.

* New Product: Cafe Tables & Chairs
* Value Furniture Markdown
* Price Tag Vendors

New Product: Cafe Tables & Chairs

First up, let me introduce some beautiful patio furniture.  This is custom-crafted with baked textures, materials, and shadows for that fine, finished look.  The chairs have 11 animations, including several eat and drink poses (you supply the food).  The tables are sold separately, so you can mix and match.  All are Mod/Copy/no-trans.

Chair - Copper & Ivy Glass
Table - Copper & Ivy Glass

Chair - Copper & Ivy (foliage)
Table - Copper & Ivy (foliage)

Chair - Copper &…

New! CLOTHES from ~Lantian/Flox~

Hello ~Lantian/Flox~ Friends!

Today we offer something completely new: clothes!  A playful dress for the ladies and a colorful pair of shorts for the fellas.

RainbowSkye in Blue

* Marketplace:
* Or 25% Discount with group tag at Main Store:
Rainbowhearts Cargo Shorts in Blue (for the guys, but maybe some ladies can wear them)  * Marketplace: * Or 25% Discount with group tag at Main Store:

More On Sale
And don't forget! There is also the "Satisfying Sunday Sale."  We have the popular Unlock My Heart necklace and some Smashable Decor on sale as well for 50L or less!
Come to the Sales Area:

New Wonders from ~Lantian/Flox~

Hello, everyone!  Hope you are well.  February is upon us and yes, it's cold.  But we have something to warm you up.  First, though, let's talk about what everybody loves: Discounts!

Group Discount: 25% Off "New"

Want 25% off?  It's easy!  1) Go to our Main Store, 2) Wear your ~Lantian/Flox~ group tag, and 3) Buy from the "New & Sale" vendor near our arrival point:  (And yes, group membership is still free!)

New Product: Furcouch!

Introducing "Chaise My Own Tail," the lighthearted take on a modern chaise.  This two-seater features 11 poses for the primary sitter and 4 for the secondary sitter.  (Note: both sitters are posed independently). Add some custom baked FUR textures and normal-maps for that extra-fuzz feeling and you are in for a treat!  Available in brown and merlot-cream, this unique furniture piece is available only from ~Lantian/Flox~.  Swing by our Main Store t…