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~Lantian/Flox~ Advent, Fairs & Holiday Sale! 30% Off Chosen Gifts

The Advent Calendar

Have you been to ~Lantian/Flox~ lately?  At the Main Store in Mieville Kipling, we are running our annual Advent Calendar.

~L/Fx~ Advent Quick Facts:
* New, FREE gift every day through December 25* Gifts change at midnight SLT* Past days' gifts available for sale at cheap prices* Really cheap prices--around 35-50L, which is 90% off fair retail value* Plus, with group tag, you get 20-30% additional discount from price* (I can't do that math but it's a really great deal)

Booths & Fairs

We are participating in a number of winter fairs right now.  Here are some slurls, in case you'd like to drop by:
* Mystic Yule, the Winter Fair at Mieville (runs until Jan 1):* Twisted Krissmuss (special gifts for 100L, runs until Jan 6):* Christmas Market at 3D Repub…