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Kneadful Things Massage Set (bed+shelf)

Loaded with features, this great massage bed features 34 poses (adult) or 16 poses (PG), plus a beautiful shelf with fountain, candles, bottles and more.  No freebie poses! No pose-balls. Easy-to-use, perfect for any tense couple in need of relief.

* PG Version here:

* Adult Version here:

Both are ON SALE - 25% Intro Discount - Marketplace Only.

A joint project between ~Sheva's Sex Shop~ and ~Lantian/Flox~. Visit this in SL:

New Stuff, Sales & Hunts

Dear ~Lantian/Flox~ Friends,

We have plenty of NEW items to celebrate, sales, and two hunts.  So let's get started!

~Lantian/Flox~ Main Store:


Steam X Hunt runs 1-31 March.  Twisted had a slight delay so it runs 5 March-5 April, 2015.  Our prizes are, respectively, a beautiful clock with moving mesh parts; and a "Spectraplicity" artpiece which walks the line between technology and mysticism. (Pictured, left)


We will be participating in this round of Colab, the theme for which is "Craft Me a Rainbow."  Our gift, which is 50L at the Colab sign only, features a colorful rainbow necklace with shifting, magical colors.

Also, there are sales tied to each hunt: beneath each hunt sign is an example of the prize, with matching jewelry on the left.  (Location of hunt signs: .)

Twisted Hunt coordinating jewelry - necklace or earring…