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New Products

New products including kilts, steampunk jewelry, glass decanters & goblets, furniture, plants-coming soon. Silks also coming down the pipe

Stalls to rent-Hurry going fast

We only have a few stalls left in the market @ 500m. Hurry! they'll be snatched up quick

DCS2 roleplay

We do offer DCS2 roleplay in our area, with prior arrangements with the area admins, Wyvern Dryke and Jon Nielsen

Tuesday events

Tuesday dinners/discussions every other week

New! Custom fishing prizes from our 7Seas area down at the base of the tower

* Special custom "fishing" prizes such as the gift cards & gems

First Post here

Lantian Magic is the business account for Lantian Market in Second Life.

Lantian market in conjunction with HoN, aka House of Nielsen can be found at the following Second Life location.