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~Lantian~ Update 6April2011: New Caduceus Versions & A Gadget

New Caduceus Versions & A Gadget!

Hello ~Lantian~ friends!  I have something special for you today.  Two, actually!  I am particularly proud of today's offerings: 2 new caduceus styles, plus a rez-helper for contest boards.  Very beautiful, and very useful (if I do say so myself!). ;-)

Plus don't forget, the "rosewood" hourglasses are still 50% at our Mainstore in Schazm.

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*New Caduceus Styles - in Silver or Gold*

The Cadeuceus, traditional symbol of healing.  These are perfect for all healers, physicians, doctors, medics and more.  Anyone who fixes broken bodies or minds will appreciate this exquisitely-detailed necklace sculpted in silver or gold.  Our first version was a tremendous success.  Hopefully the new "winged" versions will be, too!  The same beautiful "glow" effect surrounds these, w…

Old Friends & New Versions

Hello ~Lantian~ friends! It is a new month and that means old hunt-prizes can be released for sale! In case you missed these beauties, or would like to send one to a friend, they are now available:

* "Rust" version - Gemchange Dropheart Necklace,

* "Red" version - Smashing Healing Heart Necklace

* "Rosewood/Style 1" - Working Hourglass

* LOTS more new, lovely hourglasses that really function!

(SALE - "Rosewood" hourglasses, 50% off at Mainstore in Schazm!)

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Gemchange DropHeart Triple Necklace, Rust

(former Twisted Hunt 4 prize)


Necklace: Smashed Healing Heart v.1.6, Red