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Lots of ~Lantian~ Freebies, Cheapies, and Fun

Dear ~Lantian~ Friends,

Hello, we are back from vacation and ready to provide lots of great stuff for you!  Here's what's going on right now at ~Lantian~:

New Group Gift: Heart Bear Plushie (near arrival point)Winter Blues Hunt: prize, free ice lantern (near lighting)Colab #64: 50L "Heart Sewing Bear" plushie (near arrival point)60L Secret Sale, through Jan 31 (near arrival point)New Seasonal present-clusters, 25L each (in Seasonal)SALE on heart necklaces & decor (New & Sale Area) "Make Your Own Valentine" (in Seasonal)New Products: plushie heart bears (in New & Sale Area) Upcoming: many events in the near future, including booths at the Chinese New Year Festival (9-12 Feb) and Mardi Gras Festival (16-24 Feb) in Mieville; upcoming Steam and Twisted Hunts (March); and a Secret Sale with 5 special items marked below 100L.  More on that soon!

New Group Gift

First and foremost, the group gift. Come to ~Lantian~, wear your "Lantian Flox" grou…