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New & Sales: Kochabiel Male, Baker's Racks, Tassel Rugs

Hello ~Lantian/Flox~ friends!  We have some great new products and awesome sales for you this week. Even better--we're combining the two!  Our sales are 100% new--welllll, almost.

This week, we have guy clothes, beautiful baker's racks and tasseled rugs up for grabs. Check it out. :)

Weekend Sales & New Products

Kochabiel Male Suit

We havea brand new suit to complement the Kochabiel Gown we released last week.  This stunning purple outfit is covered in constellations of bright, shining stars.  And with the specular maps and normals to back it up, you'll be shining everywhere you go!

Come to our Fantasy Faire booth, where both the Kochabiel Suit and Gown are 25% off this weekend!

Reminder of last week - The Kochabiel Gown for ladies.

Yes it's 25% OFF too!

Baker's Rack in Copper

100% mesh, custom textures & materials.  149L Mod/Copy/no-…

Fantasy Faire is Here! Plus Weekend Sales

Fantasy Faire is here again!  It opens 9am TODAY Thursday April 21 and closes May 1, 2016. So what are you waiting for? Go, Go, GO!!

We have a wide range of items for sale at FF 2016, including cafe tables and chairs, sofas, stained glass lanterns, candies, cookies, and more.

The following items are exclusively for FF 2016. Several of them will be rotating on and off sale as the event progresses.

~Lantian/Flox~ is in Tinker's Hollow at the 2016 Fantasy Faire:

 Our RFL Donation Items:

More Snacks:

Clothes and Jewelry:


On Sale This Weekend at ~Lantian/Flox~

Please follow the Super Sales Weekend trail to find these items, ranging from 49L to 199L at our SSW Kiosk:

~L/Fx~Sales This Weekend

Hello ~Lantian/Flox~ Friends,

This weekend we have the following items on sale:

Super Sales Weekend:

Our two newest cabinets, the Exotic Fantasy sets, are 99L at the SSW kiosk!  They are regularly 349L so get this deal while it lasts :)  Please follow the green trail on the ground to find the kiosk.

Satisfying Sunday ?

The Satisfying Sunday Sale seems to have (temporarily?) gone out of commission but we are still putting our favorite things at super-low 40L weekend prices!  This week we're offering our chocolate bunny cookie and the Smashable Amphora (blue ethnic design).  So whether you need a quick snack, or something to take out your frustrations, we have you covered. :)

Come by our Main Store today! *Hugs!* -Wyvern Dryke

Exotic Cabinets and Aquagear Rebooted Completely :D

Hello ~Lantian/Flox~ Friends,

This week we have some new products and some older products rebooted for you!

New Products - Exotic Fantasy Cabinets (Set of 2)

These cheerful little cabinets have an exotic flair: wrought-iron grates over partially-transparent glass.  Their polished wood bodies are a light caramel or deep cherry color.  100% mesh, 5LI or 1LI respectively.  The decorated version sports several books, a green candle, a hurricane lamp, and a potted flower.  The empty version is ready to fill with your treasures!

Caramel/Iron (Set of 2)
Cherry/Iron (Set of 2)

^ These are on sale at our Satisfying Sunday kiosk! Follow the trail from the store arrival point toward the back to get them at a huge discount of 40L!

Rebooted Products - Aquagear Spheres

After last week's success, we went ahe…

NEW Party Macs for Snacks

Hello ~Lantian/Flox~ Friends!  We have tasty new stuff and familiar old friends today!  Come see what's on sale and what's in store for your stomach.  :3

New Stuff - Party Macaroons 

These cookies are on display for your party, gathering, or any old snack-time.  And yes of course they are scripted with our advanced select-a-snax system: temp-attach to the right-hand or to the mouth (for Furs or kids who prefer not to use their hands).  You can click the exact snack you want, or click the container for a random one.

 Macaroon Display - "Spring" (hand-attach)

Five types of macaroons: pink, purple, sparkle-green, spring-yellow, and rainbow.

Temp-attaches snacks to right HAND with eat animation.

Macaroon Display - "Spring" (mouth-attach)

Five types of macaroons: pink, purple, sparkle-g…