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Trick or Treat + Mad Scientist's Lab

Dear ~Lantian~ Friends,

Happy Halloween!  Trick-or-Treating is in full swing at the Main Store in Schazm sim.  Come by, pick up a Trick-or-Treating Hud for 0L, and knock on doors scattered around the marketplace.  Remember, you should only knock on a door if the light is on!  Otherwise, you might get tricked.

This year for prizes, we have a mix of old favorites and NEW "Mad Scientist" components that everyone will enjoy: a beating heart in a jar, floating brain, laboratory glassware like test tubes and beakers, and so on.  Plus, as always, we have Gift Certificates for gifts.  If you ring the right doorbell you might get up to 250L in store credit, instantly!

You have to wear the Hud to get the prizes, so don't forget. :)

Oh by the way, we also have the Mad Scientist's Lab from which we stole--er, borrowed!--all the glassware and decor.  There are two versions: one all linked together (71 prims/LI) and one with that version PLUS all the individual decor, glassware, l…

Halloween Tricks and Treats!

Call it Halloween, Samhain, Dia de los Muertos, or just "Wednesday," the Dark Times are upon us again.  ~Lantian~ is offering treats and tricks for everybody, with several new offerings, custom pumpkins, and... (drum roll) the Second Annual ~Lantian~ Trick-or-Treat Event. YAY!

First things first!  Trick or Treating isn't just for kids.  Stop by the ~Lantian~ Main Store in Schazm sim, buy a Trick-or-Treat Hud (it's free), then ring doorbells around the store.  You may get a trick or maybe a treat.  The prizes are a mixture of new and old favorites.  And there's a big secret!  No, I won't tell you.  Okay, maybe a hint: each prize may be worth more than it seems.  I won't say more. Not yet, anyway. ;-)  Trick-or-Treating begins 28 Oct and ends 3 Nov 2012.

Second, the Make Your Own Pumpkin event is in full swing.  You can find the MYOP machines in the Seasonal Area.  Come on down and "carve" a pumpkin of your own design!  Pumpkins double as lights, …

New Stuff - Steampunk, Dark, Garden, Jewelry & Art!

Dear ~Lantian~ Friends,
LOTS of news, so much to tell you about!

First, we are rebuilding the market at Schazm.  It is now split into "Themes" on one side and "Sections" on the other.  So you can shop by what THEME you're shopping for (Fantasy, Steampunk, Egyptian, etc.) or what KIND of stuff you want (Jewelry, Decor, Toys, etc.)  The "New & Sale" area is through the doors and down the path.  Link:

Second, our "Make Your Own Pumpkin" event is back, with more pumpkin textures than ever.  It's so easy to make a pumpkin: just sit at the machine, click one part to change the shape, click another part to change the texture.  Plus pumpkins can double as lanterns which click on/off.  Keep, sell, or give them away.  They're very affordable! Link:

Lastly, on to our new introductions!  They all have a Dark, Autumn and/or Steampunk theme, and come fro…