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Wyvern's Bumper Games - New Invention, Great Fun!

Hello, ~Lantian~ friends, I am pleased to announce a completely NEW type of product. I know, we've been making a lot of jewelry lately, and we won't stop that. But this project arose out of a need to cheer my pack Alpha, and it promises to be LOADS of fun. Ready? Introducing...


A fun game to ride around, bump things, and have a really great time!

First version? BUMPER BOATS.

Now I know what you're thinking: Bah, boring! Boats on the water, big deal. But no. These are colorful, self-propelled little rafts that bump around, bounce, spin wildly, crash into things, and... the best part... the more you hit, the more POINTS you rack up! There are wacky noises, bright colors, beautiful glow-effects when the boats hit things... you truly have to see it to appreciate it.

So they're rezzed here, at sea-level. Come play! :D


(If you end up in the market, take the tp pad to "Fishing/Bumpers&quo…

Valentine's Special... or Not? from ~Lantian~

Special for Valentine's Day... or not?

I know not everyone enjoys Valentine's Day. There are those who despise it, for one reason or another. Well I understand that, and here at ~Lantian~ we cater to everyone. So I have specials for BOTH sides of the debate.


YAY Valentine's <3


First, for those who LIKE Valentine's Day, I have a very special "Unlock My Heart" series. Romantic pink copper, keen attention to detail, sculpted beads and bead-caps, and of course.. beautiful heart-shaped locks with keys. Who do you want to unlock your heart? The necklaces are available at the Sales kiosk in-world, 25% off.

Bracelets - Unlock My Heart, pink copper - YES-TRANS version

Bracelets - Unlock My Heart, pink copper - NO-TRANS version…

Caduceus Necklaces & HeartMusic

We are pleased to announce two projects that have been a very long time coming. This very special jewelry comes by long request, and you can get them at ~Lantian~ in Schazm sim, or from the online SL Marketplace.


First, we have the HeartMusic series, available in "Peacock" and "Iris" (both named for the stained glass pattern used to make them). This is a new twist on our very popular "Music for the Heart Hunt" prize, with added gemstone. All the heart-shaped gems have a soft glow-pulse like a heartbeat.

Also, with the HeartMusic we are trying something new: earrings to match! These are available for 325L (pendant) and 299L (earrings), Mod/Copy/no trans.