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A Christmas Advent-ure!

Happy Holidays!

2015 Advent Calendar

The ~Lantian/Flox~ Advent Calendar is back!   Free * No Group Required * Dec.1st through 25th  Come each day to our Main Store in Mieville Kipling, Click the calendar for a free gift.

Easy Gifts for any Budget

Looking for inexpensive gifts?  As the days progress, the Advent Calendar's previous prizes go on sale--gift-wrapped and transferable so you can give them to the people you love

Also, there is an entire "Holiday Sale" area next to the Advent Calendar set up with deals ranging from 25-75% off our regular prices.  Jewelry, lanterns, incense, decor, crystals, plants, Steampunk, Asian, Fantasy, and more.  Everything is gift-wrapped and "giftable" (transferable).  Come see!

Easy and quick shopping -- great gifts! :)

The Advent-ure Hud

Timeless Textures and ~Lantian/Flox~ are Co-Hosting the 2015 Christmas Advent-ure! A HUD based guide to merchants and events all…

~Lantian/Flox~ BlackCyberTurkey Sale

It's Black Friday.  You're besieged by ads. Let's keep this short.
25% off GIFT CARDS +25% off for Group --> 50% off total
~Lantian/Flox~  Fifth Annual BlackCyberTurkey Sale Up to 50% Off Gift Cards NOW through Monday. Cards are: * transfer * gift-wrapped * quick and easy presents. Let's Go!