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~L/Fx~50% Off Winter Sale Deals!

~Lantian/Flox~ News

Winter Sale Deals

25-50% off - ready for your tree!  We have a special Holiday Sale Market just for exclusive offers on our most popular gifts: 25-50% off everything!  Plus, it's transferable, wrapped, and ready to go.

Newly added at 50% off: our popular RenRedux jewelry in gold (including a special fatpack with an extra 10% discount) and the lovely Twistflakes jewelry in Ice, Silver and Copper.


While you're there, hit the Advent Calendar for more exceptionally affordable deals.  Past days' gifts are all transferable and the current day's gift is free!

Lovely Winter Gazebo

Our new Winter Gazebo is also on sale - 25% off.  All beautiful, baked textures with copper shining in the sunlight.  Don't miss this beauty.  Perfect for a romantic occasion or a lovely addition to your winter landscape.

It's all together near the Advent Calendar!

~L/Fx~News: Holiday Sale Market, Twisted Krissmuss & New Products!

The Holidays are rolling at ~Lantian/Flox~!  Come see what we have for you :)

Holiday Sale Market
We are offering our first Holiday Sale Market--a special collection of prices and prizes your loved ones will cherish!  Every gift within is gift-wrapped, transferable, and ready to go!  The best part: 25-50% discount from now until Christmas. :) We will be adding new items as the month progresses, so please check back often.

Twisted Krissmuss
The Twisted Krissmuss is being held as a fair this year--all deals are together in one sim!  Our booth is located here:
Come find presents for your loved ones!  There are two special gifts here: a gold version of our popular "To Thine Own Self Be True" and a Yuletide green-and-red edition of our spiraling, animated Eternity necklace!

Plus, everything in the booth is 20-40% off, transferable, and gift-wrapped.

New Products

Snowman Decor - Om Nom Nom Nom
Man Eating Snowman! Look…

A Christmas Advent-ure!

Happy Holidays!

2015 Advent Calendar

The ~Lantian/Flox~ Advent Calendar is back!   Free * No Group Required * Dec.1st through 25th  Come each day to our Main Store in Mieville Kipling, Click the calendar for a free gift.

Easy Gifts for any Budget

Looking for inexpensive gifts?  As the days progress, the Advent Calendar's previous prizes go on sale--gift-wrapped and transferable so you can give them to the people you love

Also, there is an entire "Holiday Sale" area next to the Advent Calendar set up with deals ranging from 25-75% off our regular prices.  Jewelry, lanterns, incense, decor, crystals, plants, Steampunk, Asian, Fantasy, and more.  Everything is gift-wrapped and "giftable" (transferable).  Come see!

Easy and quick shopping -- great gifts! :)

The Advent-ure Hud

Timeless Textures and ~Lantian/Flox~ are Co-Hosting the 2015 Christmas Advent-ure! A HUD based guide to merchants and events all…

~Lantian/Flox~ BlackCyberTurkey Sale

It's Black Friday.  You're besieged by ads. Let's keep this short.
25% off GIFT CARDS +25% off for Group --> 50% off total
~Lantian/Flox~  Fifth Annual BlackCyberTurkey Sale Up to 50% Off Gift Cards NOW through Monday. Cards are: * transfer * gift-wrapped * quick and easy presents. Let's Go!

Trick or Treat! at Lantian/Flox

Trick or Treat!

It's that time of year again!  The Trick or Treat doors are up and running at the ~Lantian/Flox~ Main Store in Mieville Kipling.  They will be serving as a backup location for the Mieville Halloween Fair this year, in case things get too laggy there.  42 all new prizes, plus good old familiar tricks and a couple new ones!

Come to our Main Store to get the hud absolutely FREE!  Click the doors and collect your tricks and treats. :)

Also at the Main Store... the magic orb is for sale.  (You can see it above, hovering orange and black near the top of the door.)  This mystical orb shifts and spins and wanders about like a Will o' the Wisp.  Watch it dance across your home, or wear it like a pet!  Either way, it is sure to entrance.

Here's a link to the orb on the Marketplace:

Last of all, we have some exclusive Halloween tre…

New stuff at ~Lantian/Flox~

Hello Friends!  Plenty of new events at ~Lantian/Flox~ :)

* New booth at Ynys :
Recently Ynys Seamaid, the fantasy roleplay sim, has rebuilt its market!  Come see our booth and enjoy the atmosphere!  There's lots to see and do. :)

* Halloween Fair :
The annual Mieville Halloween Fair is running until 31 October 2015!  Come enjoy the shopping, freebies, and  entertainment!  Our booth has many items 25% off.

* New Item - Magic Orb 25% at Halloween Fair:
Special just for the Mieville Halloween Fair, we are offering our exclusive Magic Orb for 25% off.  This new item is a mystical orb that can be worn or rezzed, which rotates and whirls magically around with beautiful, unique particles.  You can control three color options, plus the range and speed that it wanders.  Come to the fair to see the orb in action!

New Product: Mesh Roman Chairs!

~Lantian/Flox~ News
Hello Friends!  We have an exciting new product today :)
Mesh Roman Chair  *100% custom mesh *5 unisex animations *Three variations: - Silver Embossed - Wood & Grey Leather - Copper & Silver Leather  *$399L Copy/Mod/no-trans --> 25% off Intro Sale! $299L until Oct 1
ON SALE in two locations:
Main Store:
Renaissance Faire:

Also in the Marketplace:

Renaissance Hunt 5

Hello ~Lantian/Flox~ Friends!

We are pleased to announce the Renaissance Hunt 5!  We are spot #2 in the hunt this year, and here is our prize:
This is a fully custom mesh with baked textures and two gem cabochons that change (together) to one of sixteen different textures.  Use the preloaded gem textures or add your own!  This is available free from 1-30 September hidden at our store:

Plus, only for the duration of the hunt, you can purchase the matching necklace for 25% off!  That's only $299L.  Here's the picture:

So Stop by ~Lantian/Flox~ today and enjoy our selection of jewelry, lanterns, decor, and more! :) All top quality, all at great prices.  ~Lantian/Flox~

Blueberry Cobbler at ~Lantian/Flox~

Blueberry Cobbler at ~Lantian/Flox~

Hello friends!  It's the heat of summer and we really needed something different down at ~Lantian/Flox~.  So we made a bunch of blueberry cobblers, put them into different colorful bowls, and topped each with vanilla ice cream.  Great news!  They're cheap--50L each--and come with an "eat" animation which triggers when you attach.  Food goes on the one hand, spoon on the other.  Walk around and enjoy your summer treat!

Available in our Colab Sale area:

Kneadful Things Massage Set (bed+shelf)

Loaded with features, this great massage bed features 34 poses (adult) or 16 poses (PG), plus a beautiful shelf with fountain, candles, bottles and more.  No freebie poses! No pose-balls. Easy-to-use, perfect for any tense couple in need of relief.

* PG Version here:

* Adult Version here:

Both are ON SALE - 25% Intro Discount - Marketplace Only.

A joint project between ~Sheva's Sex Shop~ and ~Lantian/Flox~. Visit this in SL:

New Stuff, Sales & Hunts

Dear ~Lantian/Flox~ Friends,

We have plenty of NEW items to celebrate, sales, and two hunts.  So let's get started!

~Lantian/Flox~ Main Store:


Steam X Hunt runs 1-31 March.  Twisted had a slight delay so it runs 5 March-5 April, 2015.  Our prizes are, respectively, a beautiful clock with moving mesh parts; and a "Spectraplicity" artpiece which walks the line between technology and mysticism. (Pictured, left)


We will be participating in this round of Colab, the theme for which is "Craft Me a Rainbow."  Our gift, which is 50L at the Colab sign only, features a colorful rainbow necklace with shifting, magical colors.

Also, there are sales tied to each hunt: beneath each hunt sign is an example of the prize, with matching jewelry on the left.  (Location of hunt signs: .)

Twisted Hunt coordinating jewelry - necklace or earring…

NEW! Doting Master's Throne

Loaded with features, this top-quality throne features 30 poses (43 anims total) plus custom mesh with materials. No freebie poses! No pose-balls. Easy-to-use, perfect for any Dom or Master with a submissive.

* PG Version here:

* Adult Version here:

Both are ON SALE - 25% Intro Discount - Marketplace Only.

A joint project between ~Sheva's Sex Shop~ and ~Lantian/Flox~. Visit this in SL:

Valentine's Smashables! Plus Group Gift

Dear ~L/Fx~ Friends,

It has been a couple weeks since our last post, but don't worry--we have been working hard on new products for you!

* New Product: Smashable Hearts!
* New Group Gift
* Make Your Own Valentine
* New Locations

Just in time for Valentine's Day (or anti-valentines, if you prefer) we have SMASHABLE hearts.  That's right, now we all can smash some hearts!  Take that, Cupid!

~Lantian/Flox~ Main Store:

Smashable Hearts - Just in time for Anti-Valentine's Day :)

Check out the new lineup:

Smashable Decor - Heart Sculpture, "Copper Flowers"

A lovely sculpted abstract sculpture featuring a heart with swirls around it.  This "copper" version is a deep shade of orange-pink copper with embossed flowers.
Smashable Decor - Heart Sculpture, "Gold Whorls"


New Stuff from ~L/Fx~

~Lantian/Flox~ Presents - Brand New Stuff!

This week we have two new offerings: a new padlock necklace and more from our popular "Smashable" series.

Main Store:

Introduction #1 - Padlocked Love Choker Necklace

This piece is 100% custom mesh.  It features a padlock with a heart-shaped hole.  Note: this is not a flat texture; the padlock actually has a heart-shaped hole in it.  It is tied onto a classic Victorian style ribbon with the slight shine of satin.  Available in four colors: blue, purple, pink, and white/grey.  (The pink is the colabs prize for this round, so that one is on sale--please find our Colabs vendor for the discount price.)