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Trick or Treat! at Lantian/Flox

Trick or Treat!

It's that time of year again!  The Trick or Treat doors are up and running at the ~Lantian/Flox~ Main Store in Mieville Kipling.  They will be serving as a backup location for the Mieville Halloween Fair this year, in case things get too laggy there.  42 all new prizes, plus good old familiar tricks and a couple new ones!

Come to our Main Store to get the hud absolutely FREE!  Click the doors and collect your tricks and treats. :)

Also at the Main Store... the magic orb is for sale.  (You can see it above, hovering orange and black near the top of the door.)  This mystical orb shifts and spins and wanders about like a Will o' the Wisp.  Watch it dance across your home, or wear it like a pet!  Either way, it is sure to entrance.

Here's a link to the orb on the Marketplace:

Last of all, we have some exclusive Halloween tre…

New stuff at ~Lantian/Flox~

Hello Friends!  Plenty of new events at ~Lantian/Flox~ :)

* New booth at Ynys :
Recently Ynys Seamaid, the fantasy roleplay sim, has rebuilt its market!  Come see our booth and enjoy the atmosphere!  There's lots to see and do. :)

* Halloween Fair :
The annual Mieville Halloween Fair is running until 31 October 2015!  Come enjoy the shopping, freebies, and  entertainment!  Our booth has many items 25% off.

* New Item - Magic Orb 25% at Halloween Fair:
Special just for the Mieville Halloween Fair, we are offering our exclusive Magic Orb for 25% off.  This new item is a mystical orb that can be worn or rezzed, which rotates and whirls magically around with beautiful, unique particles.  You can control three color options, plus the range and speed that it wanders.  Come to the fair to see the orb in action!