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Hello ~Lantian/Flox~ Friends -- here are weekend deals and introductions!

New Item: Celtic King Robe-Cloak

Exclusive at the Medieval Fair:

This excellent raiment acts as either a robe or cloak with real gold threadwork on the front and cuffs.  It shines with the power of normal and specular maps.  Available in seven colors!  Suggested for males and very flat-chested avatars only.

New Item: Stained Glass Garden

This item is on sale this week, 75L, only at our SSW Kiosk.  It is 199L on the Marketplace.

* River:

* Grapevine:

* Vista:

New Item: Stained Glass on Stone (without garden)

This item is on sale this week, 35L, only at our 35L Sundays Kiosk.  It is 99L on the Marketplace.

* …
Hello ~Lantian/Flox~ Friends,

We have a weekend of deals for you today!

New: Dainty Light Sets

Regular price: L$299 on the Marketplace.  Copper is L$75 and the other two are L$249 this weekend at the SSW kiosk.  (Also remember your group discount if you use the New vendor!)

75L Sale at the SSW Kiosk

The following is all 75L this weekend: purple & pink daisies, White Sands tassel rug, copper Celtic Dragon Redux unisex necklace, and of course the copper Dainty Light Set.  So where is this SSW / weekend sale kiosk?

35L Sale at the 35L Sunday Kiosk

That is a white hydrangea, pink lilies, and a smashable pot in "Ear…

New & Sale: Daisies & Ice Cream

New This Week...

New: Potted Daisies

These lovely bouquets are so detailed, the mesh includes their stems and petals. They come with the custom mesh pot which is hand-painted with the new, bright "psychedelic" splashes of color (except for the purple one; we decided that needs the subtler Gaia style).  This is a perfect gift for any occasion, or for brightening the corner of your own home!

 White : Purple & Pink: Rainbow :
 L$149 regular price on the Marketplace, or L$35 this weekend at our 35L Sunday Sales Wall (L$99 for the Rainbow daisies).

New: Ice Cream Cones

Delicious treats temp-attach to the right-hand for anyone when clicked!  As a bonus, the box has a non-temporary version …