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~L/Fx~50% Off Winter Sale Deals!

~Lantian/Flox~ News

Winter Sale Deals

25-50% off - ready for your tree!  We have a special Holiday Sale Market just for exclusive offers on our most popular gifts: 25-50% off everything!  Plus, it's transferable, wrapped, and ready to go.

Newly added at 50% off: our popular RenRedux jewelry in gold (including a special fatpack with an extra 10% discount) and the lovely Twistflakes jewelry in Ice, Silver and Copper.


While you're there, hit the Advent Calendar for more exceptionally affordable deals.  Past days' gifts are all transferable and the current day's gift is free!

Lovely Winter Gazebo

Our new Winter Gazebo is also on sale - 25% off.  All beautiful, baked textures with copper shining in the sunlight.  Don't miss this beauty.  Perfect for a romantic occasion or a lovely addition to your winter landscape.

It's all together near the Advent Calendar!

~L/Fx~News: Holiday Sale Market, Twisted Krissmuss & New Products!

The Holidays are rolling at ~Lantian/Flox~!  Come see what we have for you :)

Holiday Sale Market
We are offering our first Holiday Sale Market--a special collection of prices and prizes your loved ones will cherish!  Every gift within is gift-wrapped, transferable, and ready to go!  The best part: 25-50% discount from now until Christmas. :) We will be adding new items as the month progresses, so please check back often.

Twisted Krissmuss
The Twisted Krissmuss is being held as a fair this year--all deals are together in one sim!  Our booth is located here:
Come find presents for your loved ones!  There are two special gifts here: a gold version of our popular "To Thine Own Self Be True" and a Yuletide green-and-red edition of our spiraling, animated Eternity necklace!

Plus, everything in the booth is 20-40% off, transferable, and gift-wrapped.

New Products

Snowman Decor - Om Nom Nom Nom
Man Eating Snowman! Look…