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New Location, 2 Hunts, and New Products!

Lots happening at ~Lantian Flox~

In this entry:
* New location at Mieville Kipling
*  ~Lantian Flox~ at the Renaissance Faire
* Twisted and Renaissance Hunt prizes
* NEW products: poison vial necklaces and square mesh lantern

New Location : Mieville Kipling

Hello Lantian friends, we have lots of exciting developments.  First and foremost, our NEW location at Mieville Kipling is now officially open!  Come down to enjoy the scenery, take a dip under the ocean, and hunt for great freebies!

Renaissance Faire

We are also participating in the Mieville Renaissance Faire (Sept 1-30, 2014).  There are lots of great gifts, including some freebies and cheapies all through the Faire!  Here's the location:


Next, we have two hunts running Sept 1-30: Renaissance Hunt 4 and Twisted Hunt!  Here are our respective prizes:

Which brings us to our great new…