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It's Easter! Let's have TREATS! (Updated)

Yes, it's Easter! LET'S HAVE TREATS!
Better yet... let's HUNT FOR TREATS too!

Everyone can appreciate the beauty (and sugar!) of Springtime treats!  Now with Flox Snax churning out candy and cookies, we have a perfect opportunity! :D So here we go.

These treats are now in the vendors at our Main Store as well as the Marketplace.  Plus they are on sale this week, 30% off!  (Note the basket - it's newest!)

 FloxSnax Easter Basket - "Goodilicious"

Chocolate Frosted Bunny Cookie

Vanilla Frosted Bunny Cookie

 Dark Chocolate Bunny, blue eyes

Milk Chocolate Eggs on Golden Platt…

Springtime Flowers & Eggs :)

Hello ~Lantian/Flox~ Friends,

Today we bring you colorful, cheerful garden decor!  These bright and bold arrangements are sure to bring a smile to your face.  Whether you're filling an empty spot in your home or in someone's heart, these will fit the bill.

~L/Fx~Springtime Flowers & Eggs
Mesh & sculpts combine in these bold, colorful creations!  Available at our Main Store in Mieville Kipling* and at the Marketplace.  On Sale for Easter - 30% off!



Flox Snax!

Once upon a time, there was a hungry fox with a pan and a plan...

Hello everyone!  Wyvern Dryke here.  I am the flox (flying fox), of Lantian Flox.  For nine years I have roamed the grid sampling snacks.  Now I am bringing my knowledge home.

Please come visit Flox Snax, the newest section of ~Lantian Flox~, where we offer cookies, sweet buns, candies, and more.  There is so much more soon to come!

This week I'd like to introduce our colorful Springtime macaroons.

What sets our snax apart:
* Individual snacks temp-attach to the avatar - no pesky fishing in inventory!
* Snacks attach either to hand (with animation) or to mouth (no animation) - please note which version you are buying.
* Colorful, custom baked textures - not just gray maps tinted in-world.
* Affordable introductory price - $L199 for Mod/Copy/no-trans plate.
* Anyone can enjoy unlimited snacks!

Springtime Macaroon Plates

Yum! These cookies are delicious.  You can tell because someone has already started eating them. *wi…