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So many things going on!

Dear ~Lantian~ Friends,

Yes, you must be tired because of the holidays, but we still have TONS still going on!  Come by the Main Store today, or check out our webpage for Hunts & Events.

Here are highlights of what's going on:

Advent Calendar + 12 Days of Christmas ends Jan 5(yes still a NEW freebie every day! come click, or buy former gifts beside it)Renaissance Hunt ends Dec 3125% Off Sale for Renaissance Jewelry ends Dec 31Twisted Krissmuss 100L sale ends Jan 4NEW Frost Fair Dec. 28-30 in Mieville Dickens
(with exclusive stuff you can't find anywhere else, and it's on sale!)NEWWinter Blues Hunt - 4 Jan-31 Jan (but we hid ours early, so you can get it now)NEW 60L Secret Sale - 4-7 Jan (put we put ours out early, so you can get them now)
Whew!  Okay, enjoy :)

~Lantian~ Main Store:

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Need a last minute gift? Cheap? ;-)

Dear ~Lantian~ Friends,

Merry Yule, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Solstice, and End-of-the-World! ;-)

If you need a last minute gift, cheap, ~Lantian~ is the place to go!  Stop by our Seasonal Area, where we have SO many treats for you:
Advent Calendar - a new Freebie every day (Seasonal Area)12 Days of Christmas - same as Advent Calendar, new freebie every day, Dec. 25-Jan. 5 (Seasonal Area)Previous Advent Prizes, all giftable (transferable)--plus they're cheap! (Seasonal Area)Make Your Own Ornament machine (Seasonal Area)Twisted Krissmuss gifts - 100L for more giftable stuff: Yule Log, RenRedux brooch in gold, Renaissance Glory necklace in DarkSteel (Arrival Area)Colab - discounted gifts: 50L for giftable Victorian Gaslights in Seasonal themes (Arrival Area)50% Off Giftables: Year of the Dragon Necklace in lapis, Gear Necklace in blue sapphire, Veil in green (New/Sale Area)25% Off Introductory Sale - Victorian Gaslights, no-copy fatpacks (New/Sale Area) Stop by today!
Arrival Ar…

Holiday Extravaganza!

Dear ~Lantian~ Friends,

We have TONS of stuff going on right now.  Have a look:
Group Gift: Purple Poinsettia Wreath w/White Bows (rez area)"MakeYour Own Ornament" Event (Seasonal Area, until Dec. 31)Advent Calendar (Free gifts!  Seasonal Area, until Dec. 25)Three hunts (Renaissance, Candy Cane & Tentacle, until Dec. 31)Twisted Krissmuss 100L specials (rez area, until Jan. 4)25% off Sale on Renaissance Jewelry (Fantasy Theme area, until Dec. 31)25% off NEW Seasonal Decorations & Holiday Hats (Seasonal Area, until Dec. 16)  Wow!  That's a lot of freebies, sales and introductions.  And it all happens here:

 So let's check out the new stuff... :)

FiestaFX Lights

First up, our exclusive introduction: FiestaFX lights.  These are the last lights you will ever have to buy.  Why?  Because they do everything: 18 different effects, 6 speeds, unlimited colors + 33 presets.  The Starter Set comes with 19 different light con…

Advent Calendar

Dear ~Lantian~ Friends,

We are very pleased to announce our first Advent Calendar!  Every day in the month of December, you can come to the spot below to click the calendar and get a free gift! .

Also, Dec. 1 marks the start of three hunts, for which we have all new prizes: Renaissance Hunt 2 ("Renaissance Glory" necklace in silver), Candy Cane Hunt (candy cane fireplace), and Tentacle Hunt (adult gift: tentacle butt plug).  We will also be doing Twisted Krissmuss, with two items for 100L each.  Come get your freebies and deals today :D

Enclosed with this mailing: an empty set of giftboxes.  Why is this exciting? Look closely: There are several boxes together, with all different textures, but they equal only 2 Land Impact.  Welcome to the wonderful world of mesh. :)


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Our mailing list is opt-in only, and we never share, sell, buy or "harvest" customer info. To un/subscribe, plea…

Black Friday/Cyber Monday at ~Lantian~ - HALF OFF store credit/gift cards

Dear ~Lantian~ Friends,

We thought a lot about what to put on sale, and we realized the best gift would be... everything. :)  So from now until the end of Monday, 26 Nov 2012, our Store Credit (a.k.a. gift cards) are HALF OFF. :D  It's very easy get your discount:

1.) Come to the ~Lantian~ Main Store at Schazm:

2.)  Wear your "Lantian Flox" group tag (membership is free).

3.) Buy from the special Group Discount vendors.  We rezzed them right at the landing point, so you cannot miss them.

Important : Remember, to buy a gift for someone else, use the vendor's "Gift" option because they are No-Trans.

Buy as many as you like, keep them as long as you like.  Our store credit never expires!  :)

Any questions? IM Wyvern Dryke. :)

New Group, Gift, Make Your Own Ornaments & Animated Art

Dear ~Lantian~ Friends,

As Fall season deepens into Winter, our thoughts turn to swirling leaves, piling snow, and the whoosh of wild wind.  These changes are all embodied in this update, as follows:

First, there is a new Second Life group, like a breath of cool, fresh air.  (This group is in addition to the mailing list, of which you are probably already a member.)  We are closing the old group, "News @Lantian Tower" and opening "Lantian Flox."  To join the new group, log into SL, copy/paste the following into chat, then click the resultant link:

Second, the Group Gift for November is enclosed with this message.  It is one of the Animated Art series, a snowy scene (see below).  Also, anyone who joins the above group can get a copy at our Main Store.  Look forward and left from the landing point, to the new "Info & Specials" area:

Third, for…

Trick or Treat + Mad Scientist's Lab

Dear ~Lantian~ Friends,

Happy Halloween!  Trick-or-Treating is in full swing at the Main Store in Schazm sim.  Come by, pick up a Trick-or-Treating Hud for 0L, and knock on doors scattered around the marketplace.  Remember, you should only knock on a door if the light is on!  Otherwise, you might get tricked.

This year for prizes, we have a mix of old favorites and NEW "Mad Scientist" components that everyone will enjoy: a beating heart in a jar, floating brain, laboratory glassware like test tubes and beakers, and so on.  Plus, as always, we have Gift Certificates for gifts.  If you ring the right doorbell you might get up to 250L in store credit, instantly!

You have to wear the Hud to get the prizes, so don't forget. :)

Oh by the way, we also have the Mad Scientist's Lab from which we stole--er, borrowed!--all the glassware and decor.  There are two versions: one all linked together (71 prims/LI) and one with that version PLUS all the individual decor, glassware, l…

Halloween Tricks and Treats!

Call it Halloween, Samhain, Dia de los Muertos, or just "Wednesday," the Dark Times are upon us again.  ~Lantian~ is offering treats and tricks for everybody, with several new offerings, custom pumpkins, and... (drum roll) the Second Annual ~Lantian~ Trick-or-Treat Event. YAY!

First things first!  Trick or Treating isn't just for kids.  Stop by the ~Lantian~ Main Store in Schazm sim, buy a Trick-or-Treat Hud (it's free), then ring doorbells around the store.  You may get a trick or maybe a treat.  The prizes are a mixture of new and old favorites.  And there's a big secret!  No, I won't tell you.  Okay, maybe a hint: each prize may be worth more than it seems.  I won't say more. Not yet, anyway. ;-)  Trick-or-Treating begins 28 Oct and ends 3 Nov 2012.

Second, the Make Your Own Pumpkin event is in full swing.  You can find the MYOP machines in the Seasonal Area.  Come on down and "carve" a pumpkin of your own design!  Pumpkins double as lights, …

New Stuff - Steampunk, Dark, Garden, Jewelry & Art!

Dear ~Lantian~ Friends,
LOTS of news, so much to tell you about!

First, we are rebuilding the market at Schazm.  It is now split into "Themes" on one side and "Sections" on the other.  So you can shop by what THEME you're shopping for (Fantasy, Steampunk, Egyptian, etc.) or what KIND of stuff you want (Jewelry, Decor, Toys, etc.)  The "New & Sale" area is through the doors and down the path.  Link:

Second, our "Make Your Own Pumpkin" event is back, with more pumpkin textures than ever.  It's so easy to make a pumpkin: just sit at the machine, click one part to change the shape, click another part to change the texture.  Plus pumpkins can double as lanterns which click on/off.  Keep, sell, or give them away.  They're very affordable! Link:

Lastly, on to our new introductions!  They all have a Dark, Autumn and/or Steampunk theme, and come fro…

Let out your Wild Side!


Got a wild side? Of course you do!
Then ~Lantian~ is just for you ;-)

We're feeling a little wild so let's put some stuff on sale!

First, a new unisex kilt, hair feather, and pouch.
Next up, some hanging lanterns with a wild theme:
Dragons, Wolves, & Bears.

Wild Ways Unisex Kilt
"Rustic" meets "rich" in this fine, unisex kilt.  Not just for guys, ladies, get one for both of you!  Thick, heavy leather draped with soft fur, ropes, and delicate, trailing ivy.  All the fine details you expect from ~Lantian~, plus a working pouch.

(That's right, ever wanted a pouch which actually holds stuff?  Here you go!  Plus, it's available without the kilt, see below.)

This eye-catching piece is sure to turn heads in any fantasy, medieval or rustic setting.  Flexible parts move as you walk, including the belt, ivy, feathers, & fur.  No virtual animals were harmed in the making of this kilt!

Buy -> Wild Ways Kilt
* 499L in SL Marketplace:

Fall Freebies, Plus ~Lantian~ Website!

Dear ~Lantian~ Friends,

Hello!  Just a quick note to let you know that, as usual, we are participating in both the Steam and Twisted Hunts.  Both kick off September 1, at midnight SLT, so stop by to get SIX (yes, six!) freebies.  This time around, our prizes are a little bit different.

Steam Hunt

For Steam, we are offering a pocket watch that really works.  Unlike most clocks in SL, this one has actual hands which move around the dial, rather than rotating textures.  And they're sculpted--we made the sculpts specifically for this project.

As always, the script inside is robust but low-lag.  Plus, the watch has tick sounds you can control (3 volume levels plus off).  The copper version is hidden, but free.  There are also Silver, Gold, and Verdigris (green copper) versions for sale.

Lastly, if you'd like to upgrade, there is a "Deluxe" version of each variety, which includes an hourly chime, an alarm, and a Lag-Saver Mode which turns the clock off when no one is around…

New Gig for Wyvvy Events - Friday Fishing at CDS

Hey everyone!  Wyvvy has a new gig on Fridays!  The CDS (Confederation of Democratic Sims), is sponsoring the event.  This Friday at 9pm there will be two rounds of fishing, 750L in the pot for each round. WOW!

In the future this time might shift earlier, and the pot amount might vary, but this gig will continue every Friday for the foreseeable future.  Weekly schedule attached :)  ( Link to blog page:   )

Feesh Feesh Feesh ! - Customs, Contests & More :3

FEESH FEESH FEESH !  - Customs, Contests & More
by Wyvern Dryke

Do you like to fish?  I do!

I have long been a fan of the 7Seas system, and have recently begun creating custom prizes for it.  (If you're not familiar with 7Seas, it is a fishing game in SL which allows you to catch pet fish, rods, and other fun stuff.)

I have made crystal-themed fish for ~Lantian~ and some Steampunk/Victorian-themed fish for Mieville.  They are available exclusively at the fishing areas in Schazm and Mieville Poe, respectively.  See locations below.  The best part?  They are FREE for a limited time -- all you need do is catch them with a 7Seas rod.

Don't like to fish?  Don't have the time?  Don't worry.  After an introductory period, each will be offered for sale at affordable prices.  Please keep an eye on our mailing list or blog for details.

So!  Where can I get these fish FREE, right now?  Here:

--> ~Lantian~ Fishing Area in Schazm sim:…

Steampunk Goodies!

Hello Lantian Friends!

We've been digging into our Steampunk stash again.  Here is the "20k AquaGear Sphere," inspired by "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea."  It has been available exclusively from our Steampunk area, until now.  Plus there's a new purple version never released before!

It comes in four versions:
* Copper/Blue Water
* Silver/Green Water
* Silver/Purple Water  *New!*
* Wrought Iron/Blood

And three varieties:
* Unisex Necklace
* Wall Art, Copiable
* Wall Art, No-Copy

Basic Stats:
* Lag: Low - no listeners, shuts off completely when closed (even animated textures!)
* Prims: 5 (art) or 9 (necklace)
* Suggested themes: Fantasy, Steampunk, Vampire, Goth, Mer.
* Description: Unisex styling, good for male or female.  Intricate design wraps open and closed with a complex beauty to reveal a glowing sphere of fluid within.  Fluid ripples with an animated texture, and gives off gentle light which matches its color.  (For example, "blood" versio…