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~Lantian~ News: Last Day for March Freebies + New Water Gardens (7 April 2012)

Dear ~Lantian~ and [FLOX] friends,

This is just a quick note to tell you two things:

1.) This weekend is the last opportunity for you to get the HUNT ITEMS from March hunts (including Twisted, Supernatural, and Steam).  Come to ~Lantian~ before Monday or you will miss out!  (... Well, actually, I will probably put the hunt items on sale.  Eventually.)  There are also NEW hunt items out including my very first, released silks (females only, sorry).  So come get the freebies while they last!

... also ...

2.) There are brand new, charming mini "water gardens" in the New kiosk.  These are so new, they don't even have pictures or boxes yet!  But they are 6 prims, with animated water, sculpted flowers, and European-style vase at the vase.


~Wyvern Dryke