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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events in ~Lantian~ Village...

[updated 17 August 2010]


Lantian Village & Tower are located in Schazm sim, on the adult continent.

The medieval area & marketplace are at 500m. There are shops and our unique ~Lantian~ Pottery, where you can make your own pots & give them to friends. There are also booths and stores for rent at reasonable rates.

The sci-fi area and tower are at sea-level. There is also 7seas fishing with custom prizes, swimming, surfing, and the Seasonal Shop.

Landmarks for ~Lantian~:

Medieval Area: 􀀈

Scifi Area: 􀀉

Pottery: 􀀆


* Suspended - DCS2 Roleplay System Completion

Our DCS2 roleplay system is still operating, but formal roleplay is being suspended for now. If you are interested in that, please IM Wyvern Dryke. Informal roleplay, such as interacting at the tavern, is always welcome. Any genre is fine.


* 15 July 2010 - New Product - Crystal Brilliance Rays

A striking, sculpted crysta…