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Halloween Sale

Halloween Sale at Haunted Nawlins
Everything in the booth 50% Off 

Please don't forget our Party Lights, Spiders, and AwfulLollies released just a couple days ago.  They are still on sale at our Main Store.

~L/Fx~New: Party Lights, Spiders, AwfulLollies

Hello, ~Lantian/Flox~ Friends!

There are a few new products we wanted to tell you about.  Enjoy these, and remember--everything is 15% off at the "New & Sale" building, if you wear your "Lantian/Flox" group tag.  Here is what's in store:
- New Product: Party Lights
- New Product: Spiders!
- New Product: AwfulLollies (gourmet candy)

New Product: Party Lights!

These fabulous new inventions rotate 360-degrees, shift through unlimited colors, glow, produce light, and--best of all--project images on every surface!  Ideal for home parties or clubs.  Want a demo?  Ask Wyvern Dryke or come to the Main Store.  All lights are all Mod/Copy/no-trans.


This light features the soft, traditional round edges of a spotlight.  Bring some pizzazz to your party!

Regular price: 399L
On Sale 15% off at "New & Sale" (group only)


A narrow diamond-shaped flare dances acros…

~L/Fx~News: Haunted Nawlins, Skulls, Horns, Hauntdrangeas, Merchant Tents

Haunted Nawlins!

Hello, ~Lantian/Flox~ friends! Wow, have we been busy these past few weeks.  What have we been doing?  Haunted Nawlins!  (Click here to have a look.)

"Haunted Nawlins" is the 2016 Halloween build for Mieville.  It is full of creepy, New Orleans-themed spooks and fun, magical games.  Trick or Treat your way through the town and down into the bayou!  There are nearly 100 vendors and of course, plenty of entertainments built by yours truly.

The ~Lantian/Flox~ store is the first building on the left, after you exit the Arrival Center.

New Product: Horned Skull Decor

These horned skulls contain bewitching madness: color and images swirl in their eyes!  The exceptional mesh creations combine our original horns with baked textures and animated textures for unique entertainment.  Skulls click on/off.  3LI at packaged size.  Very low-lag; single script gives glow, light, animation.  Mod/Copy/no-trans.