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~Lantian Flox~ Trick or Treat Event 2013!

Third Annual
~Lantian Flox~ Trick or Treat Event!

~Lantian Flox Main Store~  (Adult)** or
Mieville "Creatures of the  Night" (Mature)

26 October - 3 November 2013

~Lantian Flox~ owner, Wyvern Dryke

Free prizes, including jewelry, Halloween eyes, cookies, and candy treats!
Everything is no-copy/yes-transfer, so you can share with friends.

Also at ~Lantian Flox~:
* Halloween Gachas (25L or 50L per play)
* New group freebie: Halloween bench
* SALE 20-80% OFF Halloween Decor and Fantasy cloaks!)

Trick or Treat Instructions:

1.) Wear or add the "~L/Fx~ Trick or Treat HUD (wear me!) 3.0".
     (It goes on top-left hud slot by default.)

2.) Grant it permissions.  (It will not actually hurt you.)

3.) Knock on doors when light is on, to collect treats.

4.) Optional: wear "~L/Fx~Halloween Treats 2013 Collection Hud".
     Add and CLICK your collected goodies called "SamhainTreat"