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We're still alive at ~Lantian~

The blog hasn't been updated in awhile but we're still alive, here at ~Lantian~. From now until January 1, there's a mini-hunt in Second Life: find the large red hard-candy for seasonal gifts!


~Lantian~ Update 6April2011: New Caduceus Versions & A Gadget

New Caduceus Versions & A Gadget!

Hello ~Lantian~ friends!  I have something special for you today.  Two, actually!  I am particularly proud of today's offerings: 2 new caduceus styles, plus a rez-helper for contest boards.  Very beautiful, and very useful (if I do say so myself!). ;-)

Plus don't forget, the "rosewood" hourglasses are still 50% at our Mainstore in Schazm.

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*New Caduceus Styles - in Silver or Gold*

The Cadeuceus, traditional symbol of healing.  These are perfect for all healers, physicians, doctors, medics and more.  Anyone who fixes broken bodies or minds will appreciate this exquisitely-detailed necklace sculpted in silver or gold.  Our first version was a tremendous success.  Hopefully the new "winged" versions will be, too!  The same beautiful "glow" effect surrounds these, w…

Old Friends & New Versions

Hello ~Lantian~ friends! It is a new month and that means old hunt-prizes can be released for sale! In case you missed these beauties, or would like to send one to a friend, they are now available:

* "Rust" version - Gemchange Dropheart Necklace,

* "Red" version - Smashing Healing Heart Necklace

* "Rosewood/Style 1" - Working Hourglass

* LOTS more new, lovely hourglasses that really function!

(SALE - "Rosewood" hourglasses, 50% off at Mainstore in Schazm!)

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Gemchange DropHeart Triple Necklace, Rust

(former Twisted Hunt 4 prize)


Necklace: Smashed Healing Heart v.1.6, Red

~Lantian~ News: RFL, Celtic Knots, Update, & REAL Jewelry

Hello ~Lantian~ friends! Here is the latest update, including:

* RFL info

* New Items (Celtic knot jewelry!)

* Product Updates

* REAL Product Corner (yes, real, as in non-Second Life)

Please read on! :)



We are very proud to contribute to the Relay For Life cause. We have donated a number of necklaces & crystals (amethyst-purple, of course!) to the Mieville Recycle for Relay, located in Mieville Twain. Stop by and check out what's available for sale, plus help support a cure for cancer!



*NEW ITEMS* New Celtic Knot Circlets and Necklaces

Awhile ago I made this simple yet elegant design for a friend: five celtic knots interwoven into a whole. Now I have revisited the design and developed it into a series of circlets and necklaces, in copper, gold-purple, and silver-pewter styles. Blazing magick particles can be toggled on/off by the owner.


~Lantian~ Update: 2 Old Friends and a New One

Dear ~Lantian~ friends,

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Now, down to business. In this update I have two old friends (previous hunt prizes, now released for sale that the hunts are over) and a new one (a lovely color-change BDSM). Here are the pictures and links:


~[F]~Necklace - Unlock My Heart,diamond

(as featured in the Key To My Heart Hunt)


~LanTN~Necklace - Eternal Flame Steampunk

(as featured in Steam 3 Hunt--the previous, not the current round)


~[F]~Necklace - BDSM symbol, Engraved Silver & Mother-of-Pearl, color-change


~Lantian~ BDSM Sculptures!

9 March 2011 - Update: BDSM Sculptures!

Hello ~Lantian~ friends. I am pleased to introduce a series of very low-prim, high detail wall-art / sculptures. These beauties are the universally-recognized triple BDSM symbol. Thanks to a special sculpt-map created yesterday (at my request!), these lovely pieces are just ONE prim each. (Exception: the "solid, color-change" is four prims.) They are all Mod/no-copy/Trans.

I intend to do a set of matching jewelry too, but ran out of time tonight. (Real life interfered!)

--> This week only! They are **50% off** at our Mainstore in Schazm (go to "Sale" Kiosk). <-- That makes them just 50L apiece!
(Okay, the "color-change" is slightly more.)

Below are pictures and links to the SL Marketplace. (Remember, you must come to the Mainstore for the sale price!)

~[F]~Art - BDSM Symbol - Smooth Silver…

Steampunk & Grunge Necklaces

Hello ~Lantian~ Friends!

Here's another update full of savings and new items!


First off let me whisper: there are SEVEN (or maybe eight, I lost count) hunt-items currently in the ~Lantian~ Market. Half of these are February hunts I haven't picked up yet, so hurry hurry to grab them before I do! :)

(ETA: I have since picked them up. Sorry! But there are still 3 left.)


To celebrate the start of Steam 4 Hunt, I have put EVERYTHING in the "Steampunk" section on sale **20% OFF!** Now through March 31, 2011. Where is the Steampunk section? Go through the tunnel into the ~Lantian~ Market and turn left.


Beautiful stained glass and copper hearts that "heal" with the clicking of gears and sparks, then smash into many pieces. They are about 1.25m in size, perfect for your wall. Click them over and over, heal through them vicariously, en…

Wyvern's Bumper Games - New Invention, Great Fun!

Hello, ~Lantian~ friends, I am pleased to announce a completely NEW type of product. I know, we've been making a lot of jewelry lately, and we won't stop that. But this project arose out of a need to cheer my pack Alpha, and it promises to be LOADS of fun. Ready? Introducing...


A fun game to ride around, bump things, and have a really great time!

First version? BUMPER BOATS.

Now I know what you're thinking: Bah, boring! Boats on the water, big deal. But no. These are colorful, self-propelled little rafts that bump around, bounce, spin wildly, crash into things, and... the best part... the more you hit, the more POINTS you rack up! There are wacky noises, bright colors, beautiful glow-effects when the boats hit things... you truly have to see it to appreciate it.

So they're rezzed here, at sea-level. Come play! :D


(If you end up in the market, take the tp pad to "Fishing/Bumpers&quo…