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~L/Fx~Events: Home & Garden Expo, UAC Medieval Faire

Hello ~Lantian/Flox~ Friends!  We are pleased to participate in the Home & Garden Expo and the UAC Medieval Faire, both of which begin this Friday!

Home & Garden Expo

H&G Expo runs May 19-June 4. Our featured, exclusive gifts are: lovely potted plants and a celtic knot chair.  We also are offering our moonchair and triple-star lights (recently seen at the Fantasy Faire, not yet available anywhere else), and old favorites like our fountains, gargoyles, and more.  --> *SALE* Every item in every vendor is 15% OFF!  For the entire expo! <--
Planter Plants

These beautiful plants are 100% mesh with custom baked textures and materials.  The planter is light marble with a metal ring.  Unscripted, 1-2 LI each, Mod/Copy/no-trans.  Reg. price 99L, ON SALE 15% off !  (Note: the purple daisy is donated to RFL so make sure to buy it from the RFL vendor!)

Celtic Dream Glitter Armchair
This top-quality chair comes with 8 animation…

75L Sale on Flowers, plus Upcoming Events

Hello, ~Lantian/Flox~ Friends, we have a sale on Flowers for you--25% OFF our entire stock!  Plus, we'll be appearing in the Home & Garden Expo and the UAC Medieval Faire starting May 19.  More on that soon!

~Lantian/Flox~ Main Store:

Mother's Day Flowers -  75L Sale

This sale is for everyone, not just Mom.  Every vased flower is on sale, 25% OFF!  Each one is Giftable--that is, no-copy/Yes-Transfer--and marked down to 75L now through Sunday night.  This sale includes all mesh flowers-in-vases: the Gloriosa, hydrangea, lily, and daisy bouquets.  Each comes with the Wyvnote(tm) script for leaving personalized messages for your loved ones.  Please see our New & Sale area for the full display.

Flower Prices Stabilized

Good news!  Earlier this week we sorted our stock of mesh flowers.  The prices varied quite a bit, so we set them all to 99L.  For some, this means a significant cut!  This change means more l…

ALL Fantasy Faire Vendors--Everything 15% Off!

Hello ~Lantian/Flox~ Friends!

The Fantasy Faire is wrapping up on May 4th.  Since we are in the "home stretch," we're having a SALE! 

Now through the end of Fantasy Faire, ALL vendors -  Everything 15% off!
This includes our popular Moon Chairs, Lifecrystal clusters, Triple Star Lights, Starfall Earrings and Necklace, and of course the Alt Realms dresses!  Not to mention the older items upstairs :)

So stop by our booth in Egregore at the Fantasy Faire today:
Our Everything 15% Sale lasts until the Fantasy Faire closes--May 4th, or whenever!