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Upcoming Events in ~Lantian~ Village...

[updated 14 Oct 2010]


Lantian Village & Tower are located in Schazm sim, on the adult continent.

The medieval area is at 500m, where you can enjoy the Marketplace, Pottery, Seasonal Shop & guest vendors (rentals). The sci-fi area and tower are at sea-level, where there is 7seas fishing with custom prizes, swimming, surfing.

Landmarks for ~Lantian~:

Medieval Area: 􀀈

Scifi Area: 􀀉

Pottery: 􀀇


Events (in order from newest to oldest):

* 1 November 2010 - Hunts begin: Silk Road, Let's Go Nuts, Dirty Turkey


* 31 October 2010 - Hunts end: Pumpkin Paws, Fortuneteller, Bats & Cats, Grimm.


* 15-17 October 2010 - Kilt Weekend! Introducing our new line of unisex KILTS, with matching pouches, necklaces and hair feathers. The whole line is 30% off. Also our first participation in "Steals and Deals" weekly promotion, with discounts on-…