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V-Day's Here! For better or worse...

Quick update, just in time for V-Day!  We have things for you, whether you like Valentine's... or cannot stand it. :)

* Tell Tale Heart Gacha and Sale (Feb 8-21)
* New Group Gift
* 60L Sale - Anti-V-Day
* Colab 50L - Chocolate Heart Boxes
* V-Day Sale - 20% off group only
* Upcoming Events
* Valentine's Sale - 20% Off, Group Only

New Group Gift

Our February gift is out--free to members of the ~Lantian Flox~ group only: a special, purple edition of the Chocolate Heart Box. This limited edition is the same as the only at the Colab sale, but it NO-trans, so you can't give it away

(If you want one for your sweetie, they are 99L right there next to the group gift.) ;-)

Group gift is to the left of our landing point, here:

Tell Tale Heart Gacha and Sale (Feb 8-21)

That's right, we're doing another Gacha event!  Location: .

We will also r…