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Announcing... The First Annual Gift-a-Rama!

Dear Friends,

It seems that time of year is upon us.  Are you like me?  Besieged by cookies, tree trimming, and other holiday chaos so you forgot to buy your pixelated loved ones a gift?  Oh no!

Well, don't despair... ~L/Fx~ to the rescue!

Announcing the First Annual Gift-a-Rama.  

Where: The ~Lantian Flox~ Main Store in Schazm, and satellite store in Mieville Stevenson.

When: NOW until 1 Jan 2014.

What: A super-duper, last-minute saving, well, sale!  Everything is GIFTABLE (Mod/no-copy/Trans), and everything is ONE U.S. dollar or less (that's L$250 maximum).

Gifts include jewelry, lanterns, crystals, and decor... Steampunk, Fantasy, Asian and More!

And here's the fun part. Ready?

If you want anything gift-wrapped, just let me know and I will do it up beautifully with mesh boxes and bows, then hand-deliver it to whomever you wish.  No extra charge!  Just pass me the lindens (or the item you want wrapped) with a note of what it is and to whom it goes.

(That goes for anything, b…

BlackCyberTurkey Sale, Advent Calendar, and More!

~Lantian Flox~ News

Hello everyone, here's another edition of ~Lantian Flox~ news.  This edition's highlights:

* BlackCyberTurkey Sale on Store/Gift Cards
* Make Your Own Ornament
* 20-80% Random Seasonal Sale
* Advent Calendar Returns!
* Events: CCH4, KindleMarkt, and Gothmas by Gaslight

Stop by our Main Store today!

BlackCyberTurkey Sale 2013

(28Nov-2Dec 2013)  It's the sale you've waited all year for!  50% off ALL ~Lantian Flox~ Store Cards, from now through Cyber Monday (December 2nd).  Make sure to wear your ~Lantian Flox~ group tag to get the discount.  And yes, these gift cards are transferable!  Give them as presents or keep them for yourself.

Also, if you stop by the Seasonal Area, you'll find two things of note.  First, the "Make Your Own Ornament" machine is back!  This year it is new and improved, with more features and textures for making your own, giftable ornament.  Second, you'll fi…

Quick Update

Two quick updates, actually:

First, the CIGLIK script has been updated to version 3.5.  Copies have already been sent out to those who purchased it online in in-world, but if you have not received yours please contact Wyvern Dryke.  The update fixes two issues: one, where the script might hang while giving items; and two, where the script might fail to recognize people have received their item(s) previously.

Second, we are updating all our listings for inclusion in the new Primbay website.  This is setup like SL Marketplace but features only Caspervend items.  You must deposit money in your account in order to purchase; to do so you need to find a terminal.

Where to find one?  We have a Primbay terminal in our Main Store, here. :)

~Lantian Flox~ Trick or Treat Event 2013!

Third Annual
~Lantian Flox~ Trick or Treat Event!

~Lantian Flox Main Store~  (Adult)** or
Mieville "Creatures of the  Night" (Mature)

26 October - 3 November 2013

~Lantian Flox~ owner, Wyvern Dryke

Free prizes, including jewelry, Halloween eyes, cookies, and candy treats!
Everything is no-copy/yes-transfer, so you can share with friends.

Also at ~Lantian Flox~:
* Halloween Gachas (25L or 50L per play)
* New group freebie: Halloween bench
* SALE 20-80% OFF Halloween Decor and Fantasy cloaks!)

Trick or Treat Instructions:

1.) Wear or add the "~L/Fx~ Trick or Treat HUD (wear me!) 3.0".
     (It goes on top-left hud slot by default.)

2.) Grant it permissions.  (It will not actually hurt you.)

3.) Knock on doors when light is on, to collect treats.

4.) Optional: wear "~L/Fx~Halloween Treats 2013 Collection Hud".
     Add and CLICK your collected goodies called "SamhainTreat"

~L/Fx~ Update: Hunts, Sale & Cyberwyres

Dear ~L/Fx~ Friends,

Here is the latest fun at ~Lantian Flox~:

* Hunts ending - Twisted, Ren, Special Edition lantern
* Sales - 25% off Lanterns, 60L Secret Sale, Cyberwyres Intro Sale,
* New Product - Cyberwyres Necklace

Read on, or visit the ~Lantian Flox~ Main Store:


There are several hunts ending on Monday, September 30.  These include the Twisted Hunt, Renaissance Hunt, and the Special Edition stained-glass lantern (which you can get by clicking the finding gears or fishing with 7seas rods).

During the month of October, we will be participating in the Scary Halloween Hunt (1 Oct-10 Nov), Dirty Little Secret (25 Oct-25 Nov), and possibly a special Trick-or-Treat event near the end of the month. ;-)


We have the following sales this week:

Lantern Sale - 25% Off all Renaissance Stain Glass Lanterns... ONLY in our New and Sale Area:

60L Secret Sale - special art pieces are on sale for …

~Lantian~ Update: 14 Sept 2013, Rebranding, Inworldz, Sales, & New Game!

There is much afoot at ~Lantian~ right now.  Here are the highlights:

* News: Rebranding as ~Lantian Flox~ (~L/Fx~)
* New "Inbiz" store for Inworldz
* Sales: 60L, Colab, and Ren Sale
* Freebies: Twisted and Renaissance Hunt, Group Gift
* New game! Find parts, make a lantern.

Want more info?  IM Wyvern Dryke, or visit our Main Store in Second Life:

News - Rebranding as ~Lantian Flox~

First, some exciting news: we are rebranding from ~Lantian~ to ~Lantian Flox~.  It is not a big change, especially for those who are familiar with our "[FLOX]" brand fish and toys.  The reason is simple: with our expansion to other grids (like Inworldz), we wanted to establish ourselves as unique from groups already existing there.

So from now on, our products will be marked: "~L/Fx~" for "~Lantian Flox~."  You will still encounter the familiar abbreviations ~LanTN~ and [FLOX], but all our newer creations will be prefac…

~Lantian~ Update 08Sept13: Sales, Freebies, Lanterns & Inworldz

There is much afoot at ~Lantian~ right now.  Here are the highlights:
* Sales: 60L, Colab, and Ren Sale
* Freebies: Twisted and Renaissance Hunt, Group Gift
* New location in Inworldz
* New Product: Renaissance StainGlass Lanterns

Want more info?  Visit our Main Store in Second Life:  or IM Wyvern Dryke.

Sales - 60L Colab and Renaissance

 We have great sales available right now.  Check them out...

The 60L Secret Sale this week includes the Elven Celtic Knot Circlet and the Year of the Dragon Art in Bronze/Garnet.  Also, we have coordinating jewelry on sale 25% off, right beside the 60L Sale ones.  This week only, in our Hunts & Events area (to the right of the landing point).

Colab #80 theme is "Things That Go Bump in the Night" and so we are offering our new "Batluv Redux  - Amethyst Wings"  This eye-catching necklace features celtic knots, beautifully-textured silver, and a sculpted bat with softly-glowing, heart…

Ren/Fantasy Sale & New CIGLIK

Dear ~Lantian~ Friends,

* Renaissance/Fantasy Sale
* Upcoming Hunts: The Ren Hunt 3 and Twisted
* New CIGLIK v.3.4

Renaissance/Fantasy Sale

We are very pleased to announce that ~Lantian~ is holding a Renaissance/Fantasy sale, until 1 September 2013.  Every few days, different items will be placed on the Half Price Shelf.  So come to the Fantasy Theme area and see what's there today!

Upcoming Hunts and Events

~Lantian~ will also participate in The Renaissance Hunt 3 (theme: Robin Hood & Maid Marion) and the next round of Twisted Hunt (theme: Carnival).  We will be offering a mesh Renaissance-style lantern for the former, and possibly a mesh cyberpunk necklace for the latter.  That remains to be determined. ;-)

Also, this week for the 60L Secret Sale we're offering a beautiful set of amethyst pentacle earrings, and a kitsune Celtic-Asian blend necklace.  You can find the 60L Secret Sale to the right of the landing point,…

~Lantian~ Update: Exotic Sale, Free Lantern, Midsummer Pentacles, and more!

It's been awhile, but we've been busy at ~Lantian~.  There is a slew of new stuff and a sale to boot!
* Group Freebie: Arabian Lantern
* Exotic Sale: 50% Off Everything Exotic

* Current Hunts and Events
* Colab Pool Party: 60L for Water Floaties (new)
* New Products: Midsummer Pentacles!

Group Freebie

The free group gift this month is a new, 100% mesh Arabian Stained Glass Lantern!  Find it to the left of the landing point at our Main Store.

Exotic Sale: 50% Off Everything Exotic

Everything in our "Exotic" theme area is 50% off.  This includes the brand new, limited-edition, 100% mesh lanterns as well as old favorites like oil lamps, sculpted lanterns, jewelry, and incense.  Come to our Main Store, Exotic Theme Area to find the items all marked down.  (Items on sale are boxed and unboxed, just not in the vendors.)

Colab: "Pool Party"

This upcoming Colab theme is "Pool Party," so we are offering water floaties for 60L.  They are easy to use: c…