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Upcoming Events in ~Lantian~ Village...

[updated 7 December 2009]


Lantian Village & Tower are located in Schazm sim, on the adult continent).

The medieval area & marketplace are at 500m. The sci-fi area and tower are at sea-level. Also at sea-level: 7seas fishing with custom prizes, swimming, surfing, and the brand new Seasonal Shop. There are also booths and stores for rent in the marketplace at reasonable rates.

Landmarks for ~Lantian~:

Medieval Area: 􀀈

Scifi Area: 􀀉


* Ongoing - DCS2 Roleplay System Completion

Our DCS2 roleplay system is installed and running. Spells and skills are still being added. Please IM the admins if you have suggestions. :)


*8 December 2009 - NEW Lucky Chair & Prizes

We have a new Lucky Chair in the Freebies section and it is loaded with 100% ~Lantian~ products. Inside you will find special limited-editions, one-offs, and hunt prizes from the past. Good luck!


*7 December 2009 - FREE Gift for Members - Flame-Lamp: PurpleFlakes!

Did you miss yours? Subscribe to our newsletter using the subscribo and pick up your copy from the former messages.


*5 December 2009 - New Product: Zodiac & Tarot Jewelry!

This beautiful prim-jewelry features changing zodiac signs and an instant one-card tarot reading, respectively. More of the high-quality scripted jewelry you expect from ~Lantian~




*30 November 2009 - New Product: Gem-Change Jewelry!

This brand-new item features exquisite, tiny sculpted prims and gemstones that change at a click. You truly must see these to believe how beautiful they are, so...





*25 November 2009 - Seasonal Shop Restocked!

Our Seasonal Shop is being restocked with Winter and Yule goodies & low-prim sculpted decorations. Stop by to see our latest trees, wreathes, single-prim blinky lights that don't use animated textures (!), and much more. These decorations are truly unique, lovely, and super low-prim.


* 1 - 31 October 2009 - Pumpkin Prints Hunt

A Halloween theme pumpkin hunt! Our special prize is a fluffy Halloween tail, with 12 color themes, 13 movement styles, built-in security, and many cute emotes.


* 1 - 31 October 2009 - Gone Fishing Hunt!

Come to sea-level to fish with your 7Seas rod. Our special prize is an exclusive Halloween kilt! (Unisex, in two sizes.) If you get bored fishing you can also buy the Deluxe scripted version there by the fishing.


* 21 November 2009 - 9 Jan 2010 - Snowflake Hunt

Prize: Special Limited Edition Unisex Necklace - SnowSkies Octal, Silver Blue


* 1 -31 December - Jingle Bell Hunt

Prize: Special Limited Edition - Winter 2009 WyvvySwysh Tail (very fluffy!)


* 7 Dec - 7 January - Tarot Card Hunt

Prize: Tarot Necklace which gives a 1-card reading when clicked.


Future Hunts:

* 7-21 January - Forbidden Fruit Hunt

* 1 - 28 February 2010 - Valentine's Hunt



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