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11 Sept 2010


First there was "Make Your Own Pottery"... now, right in time for Fall, we have "Make Your Own Pumpkins". Have a seat and create your own pumpkins in many shapes, sizes, and colors: spooky jackolanterns, glowing blue ones, scarred pink ones, and tons more! Pumpkins are just 50L each during this intro period, and they make fantastic presents. Light up your Autumn, Halloween, Samhain or Thanksgiving decor with a personalized pumpkin all your own. :)




And, if you're a fan of Faefolk and Dragonmagick, check out our new "Heptagram" (7-point star) necklace. Available in any gem for no extra cost.



Right now we have FIVE hunts going on here at Lantian. Prizes include a steampunk "eternal flame" necklace, a grunged kilt, a pink rosebush with gardening animation (we lovingly call the line "Diggin' Dirt"), a new lantern, and.... well, just come see for yourself. :)


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