Wyv's Heart Dagger in BLUE

Hello ~Lantian~ Friends! I've received a special request and so I"m passing it on to you - 25% off this week only. Now there are BLUE Sapphire hearts as well as RED Ruby hearts on Wyv's Heart Dagger and Dagger Necklace. :)

Dear Lantian Friends,

I am pleased to announce the first of a new line of weapons... and also a matching necklace. The necklace is not scripted but the weapon is "Safezone" scripted, which is compatible with GLM and a few other meters.

Edit to Add - By special request, I have made the heart-gem available in BLUE SAPPHIRE as well as red ruby. Enjoy! :)

Special Introductory Sale - 25% off this week only! At the Main Store in Schazm.

Wyv's Heart Dagger

Wyv's Heart Dagger with Ruby Heart Gem

Wyv's Heart Dagger NECKLACE with Ruby Heart Gem

Wyv's Heart Dagger with Blue Sapphire Gem

Wyv's Heart Dagger NECKLACE with Blue Sapphire Gem

Mainstore Location: Schazm Sim


~Wyvern Dryke


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