~Lantian~ Update 6April2011: New Caduceus Versions & A Gadget

New Caduceus Versions & A Gadget!

Hello ~Lantian~ friends!  I have something special for you today.  Two, actually!  I am particularly proud of today's offerings: 2 new caduceus styles, plus a rez-helper for contest boards.  Very beautiful, and very useful (if I do say so myself!). ;-)

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*New Caduceus Styles - in Silver or Gold*

The Cadeuceus, traditional symbol of healing.  These are perfect for all healers, physicians, doctors, medics and more.  Anyone who fixes broken bodies or minds will appreciate this exquisitely-detailed necklace sculpted in silver or gold.  Our first version was a tremendous success.  Hopefully the new "winged" versions will be, too!  The same beautiful "glow" effect surrounds these, when clicked.

For the sake of completeness, I have included the original version in this message. :)

Necklace: Caduceus (original, wingless) - in Silver, with Emerald & Ruby accents


Necklace: Caduceus (original, wingless) - in Gold, with Emerald & Ruby accents


Necklace: Caduceus Wings Down - in Silver, with Emerald & Ruby accents


Necklace: Caduceus Wings Down - in Gold, with Emerald & Ruby accents


Necklace: Caduceus Wings Up - in Silver, with Emerald & Ruby accents


Necklace: Caduceus Wings Up - in Gold, with Emerald & Ruby accents



*New Gadget - Wyv's Rez-Helper*

And second, a useful little tool that anyone can appreciate.

What does this gadget do?  Simple and easy: it makes contest boards rez faster!

Have you ever found yourself squinting at the board for a 7Seas fishing contest, or club costume contest?  Standing there, waiting for it to rez just so you can read it?  Not any more.  Wyv's Rez-Helpers contain a selective combination of text and images which will make those boards rez faster.  Guaranteed, or your money back!

Wyv's Rez-Helper: 7Seas Edition [boxMcT]


Wyv's Rez-Helper: Club Edition [boxMcT]



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