~Lantian~ News - Gatcha, Freebies, Direct Delivery &Easter Eggs (March 25, 2012)

Dear ~Lantian~ Friends,

If you haven't been to ~Lantian~ lately, you are missing out!  There's lots of brand NEW stuff here at Schazm sim.  Read for more info :)


There is a "Gatcha" machine installed in the market.  You can pay 25L to try your luck at new, exclusive necklaces and crystals!  Plus, if you wait around for awhile, you might just get a free prize from the same machine.  (Three people need to be in the market to deliver a prize, so bring your friends.)

Also, just a quick reminder that we are in the Steam Hunt, Twisted Hunt, and Supernatural Hunts.  Get here before April 1 if you want these FREE, exquisite necklaces.  I won't tell you what they are, or where they are, but I'll tell you that they are Steampunk, Goth, and New Age themed, respectively.  Why not sniff them out while you wait for freebies?


The "Make Your Own Pottery" machine is back with a new incarnation: make your own easter eggs!  The pottery wheel is preloaded with eggs (both broken and whole), bunnies, and marshmallow chickies for your enjoyment.  Sit down at the wheel and have a go.  It's lots of fun, and you can use the products as decoration or lamps.  (They are transferrable, too.)


Linden Labs saw fit to throw all SL Merchants a "curve ball" this week--the SL Marketplace now operates on a "Direct Delivery" basis.  I am proud to say I completed the transition on the first night (it only took six hours x__X') and now the entire store is set up for Direct Delivery.  Gone are the wait times, when you order something form the Market and watch while the transaction fails.  No more!  Direct Delivery will put your product in your hands almost as fast as you can click the "Buy" button.  (.... Or at least that's what Linden Lab says!)

Just in case you want to try it for yourself, here is our Marketplace Store:


(Copy/paste that into your browser to visit the online store today.) :)

~Wyvern Dryke


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