~Lantian~ New Product- CIGLIK Script for Gift-Giving

Greetings to all!  We've been busy down here at ~Lantian~ making goodies and gadgets!  We've got lots of new things on the horizon, but I wanted to take a moment to introduce our latest:  The CIGLIK Script!

CIGLIK (which stands for Checker/Inventory Giver/LIst Keeper)  is a blessing for anyone who offers freebies or gifts.  Ever wish you could control who gets them?  With CIGLIK you can.  YOU get to determine the maximum age of clickers, whether the gift is group only, and whether it's one per person.  Changing settings is very simple: change the description and click.  Done!  It's available in our Mainstore at Schazm, now.

~Wyvern Dryke

Come to the "NEW" Kiosk to purchase CIGLIK:

CIGLIK!  Give inventory to WHOM you want, HOW you want, automatically!
Please check out the note below for more information. :)


CIGLIK - The "Checker / Inventory Giver / List Keeper" Script - version 2.9

by Wyvern Dryke


Introducing... CIGLIK! (Checker / Inventory Giver / List Keeper )

* Give inventory to WHOM you want, HOW you want, automatically!

* Flexible settings: max. age in days, group only, or one/person

* Easy to use!  Drop in gift, change sign description, and click

* Clickers receive gift ONLY if they meet your requirements

* Comes in useful shapes (signs, boxes, or design your own)

* Very useful for:

    - Handing out gifts to SL newbies
    - Limiting transfer/no-copy gifts to one per person
    - Offering presents to group members only
    - Tracking who has clicked (note: to reduce lag script keeps UUIDs, not names)
    - Handing out item(s) which owner can update/change, without losing list of who has clicked
    - Feeling powerful as a store owner - MUAHAHA!



* Perms: Signs are Mod/Copy/no-trans, script inside is no-mod/Copy/no-trans.

* Prims: 1-2 each sign.

* Lag: negligible - no listeners, no scanners, just touch.



--> Gives item(s) to people who click the sign, IF they meet the owner's qualifications.

--> Owner gets to decide:

      1) Maximum Age - How old (in days) must a person be, to get the item(s)?  Default setting: under 30 days old.

      2) Limit to One - Has person received contents before?  Default setting: YES, keep list and limit people to one.

      3) Limit to Group - Is person wearing correct group tag?  Default setting: NO, don't check for group.

--> If person passes all checks, script gives them EVERYTHING in the prim (except for itself), in a neat folder.

--> Script monitors itself and, if memory gets too low, will delete the oldest 10% of its UUID list (to prevent crashing).

--> If clicked by owner, script will check its settings & recite list of who has clicked.

--> Change settings easily!  Owner can change maximum-age, keep-list, and group-only by changing the sign's description & clicking sign once (see below).


HOW TO USE CIGLIK (simple instructions):

1.)  The "CIGLIK" script comes in different versions: hang-sign, beveled sign, or box.  You can rez any of these, OR take the CIGLIK script out and drop it into anything you wish.  (For these instructions, we will simply refer to the sign/box/prim which contains the CIGLIK script as, "the CIGLIK sign.")

2.)  Texture the sign however you wish--your logo, a pic of what is being given, etc.  They each have one surface which is ready for your image.

3.) Put the item(s) that you wish to give out, into the CIGLIK sign.  Note that it will give -anything- you put inside it, except for the script itself.

4.) Rename your CIGLIK sign whatever you wish.  Items will be given in a folder named whatever the CIGLIK sign is named.  (For example, if you rename your sign, "Super Duper Sign," then clickers will receive a folder called "Super Duper Sign," with the gift(s) inside.)

5.) To see who has clicked (UUID not name), the owner can click the CIGLIK sign and it will privately list all.  (Note: if that feature is turned on for several weeks, the list may be long.  So brace yourself for lots of text.)

6.) Item(s) can be added or removed from the CIGLIK sign's inventory WITHOUT resetting the list of who clicked. :)  This is handy if you want to give out an updated item, such as a newer notecard or gift certificate, but don't want previous clickers to get another copy.  (Note: If you DO want to clear the list, and thus allow previous clickers to get another copy, it's easy--just reset the CIGLIK script using the SL viewer's menu: Tools > Reset Scripts.)

7.) Owner can change the CIGLIK sign's options by changing its description.  Remember to -CLICK- the CIGLIK prim afterward.  (See the section below this, on how to change settings using the description.)



Every prim in SL has a name and description.  However, the prim in which the CIGLIK script sits is special.  It controls options for the script.  How?  To change the script's options, you must change the description, then CLICK the sign.

The description must contain THREE values separated by a tilde (that wavy line: ~):

1.) Maximum Age: any round number -> the age (# of days) people must be under to get the contents.  Default is 30.

2.)  Keep List: Y or N -> to keep, or not to keep, a list of who got the contents.  Default is YES, keep a list.

3.) Just One: Y or N -> to limit, or not to limit, gifts to group members only.  Default is NO, don't limit to group.

The format MUST be exactly: "age~Y/N~Y/N".  !! Also, REMEMBER THE TILDE (~) between each!

Example #1 -  to allow people 45 days old or less, AND to keep a list of who gets the contents, AND to limit gift to group only, description would be:

Example #2 - to allow people 99999 days old or less (basically anyone in SL), AND NOT to keep a list, AND NOT to limit to group only, description would be:

What happens if you do it wrong?
If you set these incorrectly, the description will change itself to the default values (30, yes, no).  You can then edit that as you wish.



Q: How do I change something's description?

A: Right-click on the object and select "Edit."  Look in the General tab.  "Description" will be the second text-area, beneath "Name."  (Remember to click the prim after you change its description.)

Q: How do I change the maximum age for clickers?

A: The default value is 30 days.  To change it, edit the sign's description. The space before the first tilde ("~") must be the maximum number of days.  Note: To allow people of ANY age to get the contents, change this number to something very high (example: "99999~").  Then you must click the sign.

Q:  How do I change whether or not to keep a list?

A: The default value is YES, keep a list.  To change it, edit the sign's description. The space after the first tilde ("~") must say "Y" for yes or "N" for no.  After you change it, you must click the sign.  Remember that the list keeps UUIDs, not names.

Q:  How do I change whether or not to limit gifts to group only?

A: The default value is NO, do not limit to group.  To change it, edit the sign's description. The space after the second tilde ("~") must say "Y" for yes or "N" for no.  After you change it, you must click the sign.

Q:  How do I change WHICH group to give stuff to?

A: Right-click and "edit" the sign.  In the General tab, beneath "Last Owner" there is the word "Group:".  Click the "Set" button, select the correct group, then click OK.  Depending on how glitchy SL is that day, you MIGHT have to take the box into inventory and re-rez it.  But usually, that is sufficient.

Q: I changed the description but the options are not changing.  What's going on?

A:  Remember to click the sign after changing the description.  (Your could also add/remove inventory from it.)  Also, if you have entered an incorrect value for the settings, the description will automatically reset itself to its default values.   (You may have to click something else, then right-click/edit the sign again, to see the automatically changed values!  SL is odd that way.)

Q: My friend/alt/neighbor's cousin is clicking the sign, but not receiving the items. What's going on?

A: First, check to make the sign is not empty, and that you DO have "transfer" perms for all gift(s) inside.  Second, make sure that person is qualified to receive the gift(s).  Are they under the maximum age?  Have they already received the items (if that is set)?  Are they (and the sign!) wearing the correct group tag? You can check your settings and inventory by clicking the sign once.

Q: Every time I click the sign, it gives me a copy of what's inside. Why?

A: It is programmed to give the owner its contents, always, so the owner can make sure it is delivering properly.

Q: What if I want to put the CIGLIK script into my own prim?

A: That's fine, just remember to change the description of that prim as noted above.  (Don't worry, if you do it incorrectly, it will reset itself automatically to default values.)

Q: How do I change the name of the folder people get from the box?

A: Change the name of the sign.

Q: How do I allow others to see who has clicked?

A: You will have to copy/paste the list of UUIDs to them.  Only the owner can see who has clicked.

Q: Can I use the collected UUIDs for my mailing list?

A: Please check the SL TOS.  You should not add people to any mailing list without their consent.

Q: How do I convert UUIDs to names?

A: You can look them up in a database like llName2Key... or wait for Wyvern Dryke to finish his translation gadget. :)

Q: How do I clear the list of UUIDS?

A: Reset the script.  (Right-click on the sign, edit it, then go to SL Tools menu > Reset scripts in selection.)

Q: Can I have a full perm copy of the CIGLIK script?

A: Sorry, no.  It is offered only as no-mod/yes-copy/no-trans.

Q: How can I get changes made to the CIGLIK script?

A: IM the creator, Wyvern Dryke, and ask.  There may be a small charge, depending on how complicated the changes are.

Q: If I put out multiple CIGLIK signs, will they talk to each other / track who has clicked?

A: No, each script operates independently.  It does NOT know what the other sign(s) are doing.

Questions? Need changes?  Need more help?  IM Wyvern Dryke.


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