Here There Be Dragons!


The "Year of the Dragon" Necklace and Wall Art is now available.  This exquisite piece with Asian and Fantasy influences features several delicate sculpts, many swirling around the dragon's body like flowing wind.  Both the dragon's faceted eye and gemstone have "Glow Pulse"--a soft illumination which flutters like a heartbeat.  (This feature can be turned off/on with a click.)

There are four versions:
* Bronze/Garnet (red stone)
* Copper/Jade (green stone)
* Silver/Amethyst (purple stone)
* Silver/Lapis (blue stone)

And three varieties:
* Unisex Necklace
* Wall Art - no copy
* Wall Art - copiable

Yes of course a SALE -> the no-copy "Wall Art" is 25% OFF at the "NEW" Kiosk
(Remember, copyable Lanterns are for sale too! Sales end Monday, 11 June 2012 at 12:01am.)




Wall Art:



Wall Art:



Wall Art:



Wall Art:

Want a different metal or stone?
Custom versions available on request.
Small fee may apply.  IM Wyvern Dryke.

~Lantian~ Privacy Policy:

We will never buy, sell, or give out customer contact information.  We will never intentionally add you to unwanted mailing lists, nor allow others to do so.  To be added/removed from our mailing list, please IM Wyvern Dryke -or- click the blue sign the ~Lantian~ Mainstore in Schazm sim.  (Remember, only subscribers get free gifts!)

Today's Gift: "~LanTN~Lapis Lazuli Gem, large :)"
So you can see the beauty of this rare gemstone.  Yes, this is the same texture used in our Silver/Lapis "Year of the Dragon" necklace & wall art.  Enjoy!

(c)2012 Wyvern Dryke


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