New Group, Gift, Make Your Own Ornaments & Animated Art

Dear ~Lantian~ Friends,

As Fall season deepens into Winter, our thoughts turn to swirling leaves, piling snow, and the whoosh of wild wind.  These changes are all embodied in this update, as follows:

First, there is a new Second Life group, like a breath of cool, fresh air.  (This group is in addition to the mailing list, of which you are probably already a member.)  We are closing the old group, "News @Lantian Tower" and opening "Lantian Flox."  To join the new group, log into SL, copy/paste the following into chat, then click the resultant link:

Second, the Group Gift for November is enclosed with this message.  It is one of the Animated Art series, a snowy scene (see below).  Also, anyone who joins the above group can get a copy at our Main Store.  Look forward and left from the landing point, to the new "Info & Specials" area:

Third, for winter frivolity we have set out the Make Your Own Ornaments machine in the Seasonal Area.  Make your own ornaments, then keep, sell, or give them away as gifts!  Perfect for decorating a tree, home, or anywhere at all.  Plus, ornaments double as lamps, with glow and light.  We set the machine out early, so anyone who might be in the mood can come play with it.

Last, there are new products: Animated Art, with natural weather effects.  This art is not just something you hang on your wall: it's alive, with animated textures, custom sounds and photo-quality backgrounds.  Choose from animated leaves, snow or mist.  The sound effects were created specifically for this project, so you will not find them anywhere else.  Come down to the Seasonal Area and see one, today.

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