Advent Calendar

Dear ~Lantian~ Friends,

We are very pleased to announce our first Advent Calendar!  Every day in the month of December, you can come to the spot below to click the calendar and get a free gift! .

Also, Dec. 1 marks the start of three hunts, for which we have all new prizes: Renaissance Hunt 2 ("Renaissance Glory" necklace in silver), Candy Cane Hunt (candy cane fireplace), and Tentacle Hunt (adult gift: tentacle butt plug).  We will also be doing Twisted Krissmuss, with two items for 100L each.  Come get your freebies and deals today :D

Enclosed with this mailing: an empty set of giftboxes.  Why is this exciting? Look closely: There are several boxes together, with all different textures, but they equal only 2 Land Impact.  Welcome to the wonderful world of mesh. :)


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