Lots of ~Lantian~ Freebies, Cheapies, and Fun

Dear ~Lantian~ Friends,

Hello, we are back from vacation and ready to provide lots of great stuff for you!  Here's what's going on right now at ~Lantian~:

  • New Group Gift: Heart Bear Plushie (near arrival point)
  • Winter Blues Hunt: prize, free ice lantern (near lighting)
  • Colab #64: 50L "Heart Sewing Bear" plushie (near arrival point)
  • 60L Secret Sale, through Jan 31 (near arrival point)
  • New Seasonal present-clusters, 25L each (in Seasonal)
  • SALE on heart necklaces & decor (New & Sale Area)
  • "Make Your Own Valentine" (in Seasonal)
  • New Products: plushie heart bears (in New & Sale Area)
Upcoming: many events in the near future, including booths at the Chinese New Year Festival (9-12 Feb) and Mardi Gras Festival (16-24 Feb) in Mieville; upcoming Steam and Twisted Hunts (March); and a Secret Sale with 5 special items marked below 100L.  More on that soon!

New Group Gift

First and foremost, the group gift. Come to ~Lantian~, wear your "Lantian Flox" group tag, and get a free heart bear toy.  You can hug him when you wear him (but unbox him, first).  This is the simple version, so it does not talk.  It is also not giftable (no trans).  If you want the deluxe and/or giftable version, please head to the New & Sale Area, where they are 25-50% off.  (Near the arrival point, until 28 February)

Winter Blues Hunt

Get a free ice lantern for your home.   No-trans.  Sniff around the "Lighting" area to find it.  (Until 31 January)

Colab #64

50L gets you a "Heart Sewing Bear," featuring a crafty bear sewing a smaller teddy for your loved one.  This version IS giftable (transfer) so buy as many as you want for your loved ones.  It is also the simple version, so does not talk.  (Again, the deluxe talking version is 25-50% off only at the New & Sale Area.)  (Near the arrival point, until 28 February)

60L Secret Sale

Beautiful white winter tree and working brass hourglass, only 60L.  Both giftable.  (Near the arrival point, until 31 January)

Seasonal Present-Clusters

They're mesh, they're beautiful, and they're seasonally decorated.  Buy one or several to put your gifts inside.  They are giftable (no-copy/yes-trans), of course.  (In the Seasonal Area, until 15 February.)

New Stuff on Sale

We have put out several new items, all with a "heart" theme.  Some are Valentiney and bright, others are broken-hearted and dark.  Your choice.  All giftable.  (In New & Sale Area, until at least 15 February.)

"Make Your Own Valentine" Returns

Following the success of "Make Your Own Ornament," we are offering machines to create your own valentine's hearts.  Sit, click, and buy a copy when you're done.  They double as lights, and you can offer them to loved ones saying, "I made this just for you!"  (In Seasonal Area, until 15 February.)

NEW Products: Plushie Heart Bears
These adorable toys are available in our New & Sale Area, 25-50% off for a limited time.  They are rated PG, so perfect for anyone including child avatars.  You hug them when you wear them, and each says one of 12 customizable messages when clicked.  (There is also a simple, non-talking version of both Sewing Bear for 50L and Heart Bear for 0L, see above.)

Heart Bear

A cuddly bear with a big bow and an even bigger heart.  Adorable and ready to spread some love.


Heart Lady Bear

A proper lady with prim dress and hat, both made of matching heart-embossed fabric.  She will melt your heart with her offered one.

Love Potion Bear

Ready to brew up the perfect Valentine for you!  Comes with wooden wand, witch hat, little heart, and cauldron filled with stirring pink elixir.  Sure to cast a spell over you!


Heart Sewing Bear

Features a crafty bear making a teddy-bear toy for your loved one.  Yarn and sewing needle held up, as if caught in the act!  Aww, so cute!


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