New Freebies, Cheapies & Ostara Pentacles!

Dear ~Lantian~ Friends,

It's been a busy week at ~Lantian~ and [FLOX].  We've installed some new features at the Main Store and are introducing a lovely Ostara pentacle, just in time for Spring.
  • New MM and Lucky Chair (w/old and new goodies)
  • New Colab: Ostara Pentacle (emerald)
  • 60L Secret Sale: Splody and Gothpunk
  • Steampunk Stuff on Sale
  • New Product: Ostara Pentacles
~Lantian~ Main Store:

New MM and Lucky Chair

First up, we think you'll like the new additions to our Main Store in Schazm sim: an MM (Midnight Mania) board and a Lucky Chair.  If you aren't familiar with these, the MM board needs 100 different people to click it before midnight, then it gives the prize to all who clicked; and the Lucky Chair gives you a prize if your name starts with the letter it has randomly selected (you must sit on it to get the prize).

What's in the MM and Lucky Chair?  Glad you asked!  We've loaded some of old favorites like stained-glass lanterns and arch windows, plus a bunch of new creations: healing crystals to hold or display, crystal necklaces, and sculpted "glowpots" which give light when clicked.

There's about 40 different prizes, and they're all randomly chosen, so stop by often to see what's there.  Both MM and Lucky Chair are behind the New and Sale displays at the Main Store, here: .

New Colab: "Easter Garden"

The Colab theme for the next two weeks is "Easter Garden," so we are offering our NEW Ostara Pentacle, with green emerald gem, for the Colab price of 50L.  That sale lasts just during this round of Colab, so grab it fast!  There are matching earrings beside it, on sale of course.   Where? Look to the right side of the Landing Point (where you arrive at the market).

60L Secret Sale: Steampunk Splody and Gothpunk

This week's 60L Secret Sale items are: 1.) "Steampunk Splody" set, which is designed to be used with the Bumper Boats but can also be put into the water as decorations which swim around; and 2.) "Gothpunk" necklace which combines Steampunk, Cyberpunk, and Goth themes.  Both are 60L for this week only, also the right side of the Landing Point.  (Note: this 60L sale changes [almost] every week!)

Steampunk Stuff on Sale

The "New and Sale" Area has been cleared of Valentiney hearts, and reloaded with Steampunk and Victorian goodies.  Come find oil lamps, decor and necklaces all 25-50% off.  These will change at the end of the month.  If demand is high, we will add more as the days go by.  Find them in the "New and Sale" Area, here:

New Product: Ostara Pentacles

Our newest addition to the Jewelry department is a lovely set of Ostara Pentacles, available in Emerald (green), Rose Quartz (pink), Amethyst (purple), and Ametrine (orange w/subtle purple highlights).  They come in both earring and necklace form.

They are 25% OFF at the Main Store "New and Sale" Area (, or you can use the links below to visit SL Marketplace instead.

Rose Quartz

Earring :











(Reminder: Emerald necklace is also the Colab offering for the next 2 weeks.  Cheap!)

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