Ren/Fantasy Sale & New CIGLIK

Dear ~Lantian~ Friends,

* Renaissance/Fantasy Sale
* Upcoming Hunts: The Ren Hunt 3 and Twisted
* New CIGLIK v.3.4

Renaissance/Fantasy Sale

We are very pleased to announce that ~Lantian~ is holding a Renaissance/Fantasy sale, until 1 September 2013.  Every few days, different items will be placed on the Half Price Shelf.  So come to the Fantasy Theme area and see what's there today!

Upcoming Hunts and Events

~Lantian~ will also participate in The Renaissance Hunt 3 (theme: Robin Hood & Maid Marion) and the next round of Twisted Hunt (theme: Carnival).  We will be offering a mesh Renaissance-style lantern for the former, and possibly a mesh cyberpunk necklace for the latter.  That remains to be determined. ;-)

Also, this week for the 60L Secret Sale we're offering a beautiful set of amethyst pentacle earrings, and a kitsune Celtic-Asian blend necklace.  You can find the 60L Secret Sale to the right of the landing point, in the Hunts and Events Area.

New CIGLIK v.3.4

Lastly, there is a new version of CIGLIK, the "Checker / Inventory Giver / List Keeper" script.  If you're not familiar with CIGLIK, it allows you to give any items to someone, based on their age, group tag, and whether they've received one before.  This powerful script comes pre-packed in both sculpt and mesh signs, plus a simple "box" version for you Do It Yourselfers.  Best of all, the new version of CIGLIK can import lists (up to 4000 UUIDs) from the old version or from other mailing lists.  So if you have an old version, check your Recent Items folder for an update.  If it's not there, drop an IM to Wyvern Dryke.

Privacy Policy:
We hate spam as much as you do.  So our mailing list is opt-in only, and we never share, sell, buy or "harvest" customer info. To un/subscribe, please contact Wyvern Dryke or click the sign at the ~Lantian~ Main Store here:


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