~Lantian~ Update: 14 Sept 2013, Rebranding, Inworldz, Sales, & New Game!

There is much afoot at ~Lantian~ right now.  Here are the highlights:

* News: Rebranding as ~Lantian Flox~ (~L/Fx~)
* New "Inbiz" store for Inworldz
* Sales: 60L, Colab, and Ren Sale
* Freebies: Twisted and Renaissance Hunt, Group Gift
* New game! Find parts, make a lantern.

Want more info?  IM Wyvern Dryke, or visit our Main Store in Second Life: http://slurl.com/secondlife/schazm/100/50/500.

News - Rebranding as ~Lantian Flox~

First, some exciting news: we are rebranding from ~Lantian~ to ~Lantian Flox~.  It is not a big change, especially for those who are familiar with our "[FLOX]" brand fish and toys.  The reason is simple: with our expansion to other grids (like Inworldz), we wanted to establish ourselves as unique from groups already existing there.

So from now on, our products will be marked: "~L/Fx~" for "~Lantian Flox~."  You will still encounter the familiar abbreviations ~LanTN~ and [FLOX], but all our newer creations will be prefaced with "~L/Fx~."

Inworldz Location - Part 2

For those who visit the alternate grid, Inworldz, we now have two locations: a virtual store in Timeless sim at 52,178,26, and an online listing at the Inbiz Marketplace.  The shop selection is limited but growing, so if you have any favorites you would like us to port over, let us know!  Wyvern Dryke is the main contact for ~Lantian Flox~ in both Second Life and Inworldz.  (Important: we must be the original creator, or have written permission from the same, in order to upload all parts of the item, including textures and sculpts.)
Link to our IW store: http://places.inworldz.com/Timeless/52/178/26
Link to "Inbiz" online marketplace: https://shop.theinbiz.com/merchant.php?merchant=8105

Sales - 60L Colab and Renaissance

 We have great sales available right now.  Check them out...

The 60L Secret Sale this week includes the DarkPunk animated art, with three moving gears and a heavy, goth/grunge look.  We also have the Unlock My Heart bracelet in pinkcopper.  Both are Mod/no copy/Trans.

Want coordinating jewelry?  That's on sale too!  25% off, right beside the 60L Sale ones.  This week only, in our Hunts and Events area (to the right of the landing point).

Colab #80 theme is "Things That Go Bump in the Night." We are still offering our "Batluv Redux  - Amethyst Wings" for a steal at 60L!  This eye-catching necklace features celtic knots, beautifully-textured silver, and a sculpted bat with softly-glowing, heart-shaped eyes.

Colab #81 theme is "Halloween Party."  We've set out the item early--a Victorian gaslight in Autumn colors--so come by for a sneak preview this weekend!  60L for the next two weeks, in our Hunts and Events area.

Lastly, our Renaissance Sale continues!  Every few days we put different items on sale, 50% off.  Stop by today to see what's on the discount shelf!  In our Fantasy Area only.


Everyone loves freebies!

Right now there are several at the ~Lantian Flox~ Main Store.  We are in both the Twisted Hunt and Renaissance Hunt 3, with new gifts for each.  The Twisted Hunt prize is a cyberpunk necklace, and the Ren Hunt prize is a stained-glass lantern.  Both hunts end on 30 September.

Also, we have the Group Gift is still available to the left of the Landing Point: a Renaissance StainGlass lantern.

There is also a second lantern you can get, FREE, with our new game (see below).

New Game - Find Parts, Make a Lantern

There is a new game at ~Lantian Flox~!  For the next two weeks, you can find parts and "assemble" a limited-edition lantern.  This is the same, 100% mesh style as the Renaissance StainGlass lanterns... but with a unique "tapestry" inspired glass.

How does the game work?  It's easy! 
1.) Come to the ~Lantian Flox~ Main Store and click the sign at the landing point, to get a free "Blueprint HUD."
2.) Wear the Blueprint HUD and search for little, spinning gears.  (They appear throughout the store.  Ten rez randomly every few minutes, and disappear when clicked or replaced by new ones.)
3.) Each gear you find delivers a random part. You need five different parts to make the lantern (some are rarer than others).
4.) When you find a part, you wear and click it, to add it to your Blueprint HUD.  When all five parts have been added, you get your prize.

Note: if you have a 7Seas fishing rod, you can also "fish" for the lantern parts!  A rod is not required, though; it's just an extra way to get parts.

Privacy Policy:
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