~Lantian Flox~ Trick or Treat Event 2013!

Third Annual
~Lantian Flox~ Trick or Treat Event!

~Lantian Flox Main Store~  (Adult)** or
Mieville "Creatures of the  Night" (Mature)

26 October - 3 November 2013

~Lantian Flox~ owner, Wyvern Dryke

Free prizes, including jewelry, Halloween eyes, cookies, and candy treats!
Everything is no-copy/yes-transfer, so you can share with friends.
Also at ~Lantian Flox~:
* Halloween Gachas (25L or 50L per play)
* New group freebie: Halloween bench
* SALE 20-80% OFF Halloween Decor and Fantasy cloaks!)

Trick or Treat Instructions:

1.) Wear or add the "~L/Fx~ Trick or Treat HUD (wear me!) 3.0".
     (It goes on top-left hud slot by default.)

2.) Grant it permissions.  (It will not actually hurt you.)

3.) Knock on doors when light is on, to collect treats.

4.) Optional: wear "~L/Fx~Halloween Treats 2013 Collection Hud".
     Add and CLICK your collected goodies called "SamhainTreat"
     (which is the candy, not the cookies or gifts).  Each treat
     lights up on the Collection HUD, to keep track of which you have.
     (If you collect them all, you get a bonus prize: 250L Gift Card!)
--  You can get ONE treat every time a light turns on.
--  You must wear the ~L/Fx~Trick or Treat Hud 3.0, which is for 2013.
--  Remember, click only when the light is on!  You've been warned. ;-)

Gachas Available....
100% mesh Muddy Punkins, with vibrant colors and texture.

100% mesh Alien Pumpkins, which "breathe" with creepy life.
100% mesh MystiCryst Jewelry, so real you can almost feel it!


** Schazm sim is Adult rated but the store, and all prizes, are PG.
Some items, like mesh spider gifts, available only at Main Store in Schazm.

Privacy Policy:
We hate spam as much as you do.  So our mailing list is opt-in only, and we never share, sell, buy or "harvest" customer info. To un/subscribe, please contact Wyvern Dryke or click the sign at the ~Lantian Flox~ Main Store here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/schazm/100/50/500.


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