BlackCyberTurkey Sale, Advent Calendar, and More!

~Lantian Flox~ News

Hello everyone, here's another edition of ~Lantian Flox~ news.  This edition's highlights:

* BlackCyberTurkey Sale on Store/Gift Cards
* Make Your Own Ornament
* 20-80% Random Seasonal Sale
* Advent Calendar Returns!
* Events: CCH4, KindleMarkt, and Gothmas by Gaslight

Stop by our Main Store today!

BlackCyberTurkey Sale 2013

(28Nov-2Dec 2013)  It's the sale you've waited all year for!  50% off ALL ~Lantian Flox~ Store Cards, from now through Cyber Monday (December 2nd).  Make sure to wear your ~Lantian Flox~ group tag to get the discount.  And yes, these gift cards are transferable!  Give them as presents or keep them for yourself.

Also, if you stop by the Seasonal Area, you'll find two things of note.  First, the "Make Your Own Ornament" machine is back!  This year it is new and improved, with more features and textures for making your own, giftable ornament.  Second, you'll find seasonal items marked down 20-80%... randomly.  We will be switching the sale items every few days, so stop by often to see what's newly discounted!

Advent Calendar Returns!

(1-25 Dec 2013)  ~Lantian Flox~ will be offering a different free gift every day until Christmas.  This year our prizes will include decor, jewelry, lanterns, and surprises!  Come click the Advent Calendar at our Main Store in Schazm:  Make sure to visit every day--but if you miss a day or two, the previous prizes will be for sale beside it, very cheap!  (Also, the Advent Calendar gifts are no-transfer... but the previous prizes for sale will be transferable.) :)

Hunts & Events

~Lantian Flox~ is also participating in the Candy Cane Hunt 4.  Our prize is--what else?-- a candy cane necklace.  It's 100% mesh, unisex, and comes in two sizes: large and small (positioned for male and female avatars, respectively).

In addition, we are participating in the Christmas Kindlmarkt at Mieville (1-31 December, and in Gothmas by Gaslight (15-31 December, slurl tba).

Privacy Policy:

We hate spam as much as you do.  So our mailing list is opt-in only, and we never share, sell, buy or "harvest" customer info. To un/subscribe, please contact Wyvern Dryke or click the sign at the ~Lantian Flox~ Main Store here:



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