V-Day's Here! For better or worse...

Quick update, just in time for V-Day!  We have things for you, whether you like Valentine's... or cannot stand it. :)

* Tell Tale Heart Gacha and Sale (Feb 8-21)
* New Group Gift
* 60L Sale - Anti-V-Day
* Colab 50L - Chocolate Heart Boxes
* V-Day Sale - 20% off group only
* Upcoming Events
* Valentine's Sale - 20% Off, Group Only

New Group Gift

Our February gift is out--free to members of the ~Lantian Flox~ group only: a special, purple edition of the Chocolate Heart Box. This limited edition is the same as the only at the Colab sale, but it NO-trans, so you can't give it away

(If you want one for your sweetie, they are 99L right there next to the group gift.) ;-)

Group gift is to the left of our landing point, here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Schazm/113/61/498

Tell Tale Heart Gacha and Sale (Feb 8-21)

That's right, we're doing another Gacha event!  Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Renaissance%20Faire%20Isle/167/147/2523 .

We will also rez the gacha machines at our main store, in case you cannot make it to the Gacha Event.  Check out the Gothic Heart Jewelry we're offering!  The necklaces double as picture frames; just drop in any photos and click to display them in alphabetical order.

We are also offering dark, alien hearts which pulse and glow with life.  Just in case you like the darker side of V-Day.  ;-)  It's the Tell Tale Heart event, after all!

60L Sale - Anti-V-Day

Our 60L Secret Sale this week features the darker side of Valentine's, what we call "Anti-V-Day" with broken hearts and dirty roses.  These are something you can give to your sweetie if you are into dark concepts... or perhaps an ex, if you really want to.  The broken hearts "heal" when you click them, with steampunk gear movement and sparks.  The dirty roses come in filthy or bloody vases--your choice, and you can change whatever message they say in float-text and chat.

(And hey--if you're interested, the necklaces which match the Smashed Healing Heart decor are on sale--25% off, right beside the 60L Secret Sale display: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Schazm/113/39/498 )

Colab Sale - 50L Heart Boxes of Chocolates

The Colab theme this round is "Sweet Love," so we made yummy treats!  These heart-shaped box of chocolates are special: they contain two different candies, and deliver whichever candy you click.  Can't decide which you want?  Just click the container, and it will give you a random one.  Unlimited candy!  A chocolate-lover's dream.  The Colab red "Classic" version is 50L, while the "Goth" (pictured) and "Victorian" versions are on sale 99L each, just beside it.  And yes, these hearts are transferable!

Upcoming Events

Lots of events on the horizon, including:

* Around the World Hunt (Feb 21-Mar 31)
* Steam Hunt IX (March 1-31)
* Twisted Hunt (March 1-31)
* Mardi Gras Sale (March 1-4)
and LOTS more!   Keep your eye on this blog. :)

Valentine's Sale - 20% Off, Group Only

 There are two vendors in the Seasonal area which are 20% off, for the ~Lantian Flox~ group only.  They contain Valentine's and heart-inspired decor, jewelry and more.  (Caution: not all items are transfer, so please deliver them as a "Gift" to your sweetie.)  Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Schazm/67/101/498

Take care, and see you soon!
~Wyvern Dryke

Privacy Policy:

We hate spam as much as you do.  So our mailing list is opt-in only, and we never share, sell, buy or "harvest" customer info. To un/subscribe, please contact Wyvern Dryke or click the sign at the ~Lantian Flox~ Main Store here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/schazm/100/50/500.


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