Holiday Joys at ~L/Fx~

There is plenty happening down at ~Lantian/Flox~!  In this article we cover:

* 100L Twisted Krissmuss
* 60L Sale on Gift Sack
* Advent Calendar
* New Product - Winter Fireplaces

Twisted Krissmuss

Our annual Twisted Krissmuss offering has come again!  Right now you can get our Knife-Wielding Gingerbread Man or our Man-Eating Tree for only 100L.  These items are Mod/no-copy/Trans so you can give them away.

The Gingerbread Man says one of several rather questionable phrases when you click him.  (It IS Twisted, after all...)  These phrases can be altered using the notecard inside him.

The Man-Eating Christmas Tree only eats people who sit on it, so don't worry.  The "sit" animation is one of flailing and kicking one's feet.  Also, the candles click on/off, and when they are lit, there's a 50% chance every minute that it might set its surroundings on fire!  Merry Whatever :)

These items are only available at our Main Store here:

60L Sale on Gift Sacks

Having a holiday party?  Want to give gifts?  Stick them in these holiday gift bags and clickers can receive random gifts, as often as they wish.  Each bag is sculpted with flexi-ties attached, and large enough to attract attention.

They are available in the SL Marketplace:




They are also available at our Main Store (2 of them are 60L right now in the Specials Area): .

Advent Calendar

Let's not forget the annual Advent Calendar!  Every day from now until Christmas, you can get a unique, new free gift at the ~Lantian/Flox~ Advent Calendar.  Missed a day?  No problem, the previous prizes are available for sale at ridiculously low prices, and those are all GIFTABLE (Mod/no-copy/Trans).

Available only at our Main Store:

New Product - Winter Fireplaces

Brr, it's cold!  Not a problem; rez our NEW beautiful, 100% custom mesh fireplaces. Each has a single script which controls 3 functions together: blinking lights, particle flames, and fire sounds.  Super low-lag, low land-impact, and beautiful for the holidays or beyond!

Available on the Marketplace:



And, of course, at our Main Store, where they are 20% Off for an Introductory Price:



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