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~Lantian/Flox~ Presents - Brand New Stuff!

This week we have two new offerings: a new padlock necklace and more from our popular "Smashable" series.

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Introduction #1 - Padlocked Love Choker Necklace

This piece is 100% custom mesh.  It features a padlock with a heart-shaped hole.  Note: this is not a flat texture; the padlock actually has a heart-shaped hole in it.  It is tied onto a classic Victorian style ribbon with the slight shine of satin.  Available in four colors: blue, purple, pink, and white/grey.  (The pink is the colabs prize for this round, so that one is on sale--please find our Colabs vendor for the discount price.)





Introduction #2 - Smashable Valentine's Presents

More from our popular "Smashable" series, these decorative gifts hold a surprise: whack them with the included stick, and they smash into pieces!  The "smash" includes several temporary-rezzed pieces, along with sound and particle effects.  Works best in an area with "Build" turned on.  Great for stress relief!  Take out your frustrations on Valentine's Day. ;-)

Regular Valentine's Wrap - red, pink and white with hearts

Dark Valentine's Wrap - black, pink, with skulls and hearts


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