New Stuff, Sales & Hunts

Dear ~Lantian/Flox~ Friends,

We have plenty of NEW items to celebrate, sales, and two hunts.  So let's get started!

~Lantian/Flox~ Main Store:


Steam X Hunt runs 1-31 March.  Twisted had a slight delay so it runs 5 March-5 April, 2015.  Our prizes are, respectively, a beautiful clock with moving mesh parts; and a "Spectraplicity" artpiece which walks the line between technology and mysticism. (Pictured, left)


We will be participating in this round of Colab, the theme for which is "Craft Me a Rainbow."  Our gift, which is 50L at the Colab sign only, features a colorful rainbow necklace with shifting, magical colors.

Also, there are sales tied to each hunt: beneath each hunt sign is an example of the prize, with matching jewelry on the left.  (Location of hunt signs: .)

Twisted Hunt coordinating jewelry - necklace or earrings, 20% off beneath the Twisted Hunt sign only.

Steam X Hunt coordinating jewelry - necklace, 20% off beneath the Steam X Hunt sign only.

New Products

In addition to the above coordinating jewelry, we have a whole series of "Spectralplicity" items made in the spirit of Cyberpunk meets mysticism.  They each feature a central "portal" of shifting light, inside which is faintly-visible static overlaid with moving spectres and ghosts.  Spooky and beautiful!

The series comes in three varieties: decor (art pieces), amulets (necklaces), and earrings.  Available in red, blue, green, and purple.

Spectralplicity Decor
Demonic Red Decor

Spectre Green Decor

Plasma Purple Decor

Spectralplicity Earrings

Demonic Red Earrings

Spectre Green Earrings
 Plasma Purple Earrings

Spectralplicity Amulets

 Ectoplasm Blue Amulet

Demonic Red Amulet

Plasma Purple Amulet

Spectre Green Amulet



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