New Wonders from ~Lantian/Flox~

Hello, everyone!  Hope you are well.  February is upon us and yes, it's cold.  But we have something to warm you up.  First, though, let's talk about what everybody loves: Discounts!

Group Discount: 25% Off "New"

Want 25% off?  It's easy!  1) Go to our Main Store, 2) Wear your ~Lantian/Flox~ group tag, and 3) Buy from the "New & Sale" vendor near our arrival point:  (And yes, group membership is still free!)

New Product: Furcouch!

Introducing "Chaise My Own Tail," the lighthearted take on a modern chaise.  This two-seater features 11 poses for the primary sitter and 4 for the secondary sitter.  (Note: both sitters are posed independently). Add some custom baked FUR textures and normal-maps for that extra-fuzz feeling and you are in for a treat!  Available in brown and merlot-cream, this unique furniture piece is available only from ~Lantian/Flox~.  Swing by our Main Store to check it out.

Also available on MP:
Merlot Cream:


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