~L/Fx~News: Haunted Nawlins, Skulls, Horns, Hauntdrangeas, Merchant Tents


Haunted Nawlins!

Hello, ~Lantian/Flox~ friends! Wow, have we been busy these past few weeks.  What have we been doing?  Haunted Nawlins!  (Click here to have a look.)

"Haunted Nawlins" is the 2016 Halloween build for Mieville.  It is full of creepy, New Orleans-themed spooks and fun, magical games.  Trick or Treat your way through the town and down into the bayou!  There are nearly 100 vendors and of course, plenty of entertainments built by yours truly.

The ~Lantian/Flox~ store is the first building on the left, after you exit the Arrival Center.

New Product: Horned Skull Decor

These horned skulls contain bewitching madness: color and images swirl in their eyes!  The exceptional mesh creations combine our original horns with baked textures and animated textures for unique entertainment.  Skulls click on/off.  3LI at packaged size.  Very low-lag; single script gives glow, light, animation.  Mod/Copy/no-trans.

Regular Price: $249
Sale Price: $187 (at Haunted Nawlins & Main Store)






This one will be 99L at the Super Sales Weekend area at our Main Store, this weekend only.


New Product: Gacha - Elegant Curved Horns

These gorgeous babies attach to your skull for a unique look.  Yes, this is custom mesh.  Yes, baked textures, in various shades of brown, red, and purple, with wild normal/bumpmaps to make them look wicked and real.

The gacha machines are located at our store in Haunted Nawlins and our "New" building at the Main Store.  Rares have a hud with three colors inside.  The beautiful Ultrarare "Merlot" has a hud with all colors.

25L a pull.  Mod/no-copy/Trans.  Come try your luck!

New Product: Hauntdrangeas!

What do you get when you leave a hydrangea in a haunted house?  Hauntdrangeas!  These unique, beautiful flowers feature star-spotted textures and petals that float in and out, much like hovering lost spirits.  They are as lovely as they are mystical.  Regular price: 99L.  Mod/no-copy/Trans, so you can give them to a loved one.

INTRODUCTORY SALE - 15% OFF - Main Store Only!



This one will be 35L this weekend only, at the 35L Sundays kiosk in our Main Store. 


New Product: Merchant Tents

And lastly, a little decorative, functional treat.  Are you planning to set up a marketplace--either for roleplay or for real?  Check out these flexible booths.  3LI each, plus a matching 3LI table.  Choose "blonde" (pretty white and brown) or "aged" (sun-bleached and worn).  299L for the package!  Mod/Copy/no-trans.  These have a lot of uses, so don't miss out.



There are additional products coming, such as moving spiders, gas lights, Halloween strawberries, and more. . .   Stay tuned!


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